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A HISTORY OF WARWICKSHIRE HOMALIINA (continued) Acidota crenata, F. Amongst dead leaves, under pines, in sphagnum. Sutton (Blatch), Colahill cruentata, Mann. Under dry cow- dung in winter. Sutton Park (Blatch) Olophrum piceum, Gyll. In moss, hedge rubbish, flood refuse, etc.; all seasons; abundant in all localities Lathrimaeum atrocephalum, Gyll. In moss, hedge rubbish, grass tufts, etc., in all localities unicolor, Steph. Found with the pre- ceding and equally abundant Deliphrum tectum, Payk. In moss, grass tufts, dead leaves in woods, fungi, and under bones. Knowle; Sutton (Blatch) Coryphium angusticolle, Steph. In moss, fungi, under bark and at sap ; all seasons. Knowle; Sutton (Blatch), Solihull Homalium rivulare, Payk. In moss, vege- table refuse, carrion, sap, etc. ; all seasons ; abundant everywhere laeviusculum, Gyll. In moss and fungi ; all seasons. Sutton (Blatch), Knowle - septcntrionis, Thorns. In moss, hot- beds and dead moles ; all seasons. Know/e(EMch). (E.M.M. xxv. 457) riparium, Thorns. In fungi ; rare. Knowle (Blatch) - allardi, Fairm. Under bones and dead moles ; spring to autumn. Small Heath (Blatch), Knowle - exiguum, Gyll. In moss, grass tufts and carrion ; all seasons. Knowle - oxycanthas, Grav. In moss, dead leaves, carrion, etc. Knowle (Blatch) - excavatum, Steph. In hotbeds, straw refuse, carrion and amongst bones ; all seasons; all localities - caesum, Grav. Found with the pre- ceding in the same localities - pusillum, Grav. Under bark of fir and other trees ; all seasons ; abundant in all parts of the district - punctipenne, Thorns. Under bark of various trees, but principally decay- ing oaks ; all seasons ; all localities rufipes, Fourc. In flowers and vege- table refuse ; all seasons ; all locali- ties vile, Er. Under bark of trees ; very abundant at all times vile var. heeri, Rey. Found at Knowle (Blatch) brevicorne, Er. Specimens found by Mr. Blatch at Knowle and Solihull seem referable to this species HOMALIINA (continued) Homalium gracilicorne, Fairm. Under bark ; all seasons. Knowle (Blatch), Sutton Park iopterum, Steph. Under bark and in flowers ; all seasons ; not common, but generally distributed throughout the district planum, Payk. Under bark and at sap ; all seasons. Knowle concinnum, Marsh. In cowshed re- fuse, stack bottoms, hedge refuse and often in granaries ; all seasons ; all localities deplanatum, Gyll. In stack refuse ; all seasons. Knowle (Blatch) Coles- hill striatum, Grav. In moss, amongst dead leaves, etc.; all seasons. Knowle (Blatch) Hapalaraea pygmaea, Gyll. In fungi and under bark. Knowle Eusphalerum primulas, Steph. In prim- roses ; spring. Knowle Anthobium minutum, F. In flowers ; spring and summer. Knowle (Blatch) ophthalmicum, Payk. In flowers ; spring and summer ; abundant in all localities. PROTEININA Proteinus ovalis, Steph. In fungi, moss, grass tufts, carrion, etc.; all seasons; abundant everywhere brachypterus, F. In same habitats and localities as the last macropterus, Gyll. In wet places and under dead leaves ; all seasons. Knowle atomarius, Er. In fungi, moss, dead leaves in woods, etc. ; all seasons. Knowle (Blatch) Megarthrus denticollis, Beck. In moss, hotbeds, carrion, bones, under bark, etc. ; all seasons ; all localities affinis, Mill. In hotbeds and under bones and vegetable refuse ; all seasons. Small Heath ; Edgbaston (Blatch), Knowle depressus, Lac. Found under similar conditions to preceding and in all localities sinuatocollis, Lac. In habitat same as the previous species but less abun- dant ; all localities Phloeobium clypeatum, Mall. In moss, grass tufts, hedge refuse, etc. Abun- dant at all times in all localities PHLCEOCHARINA Phlceocharis subtilissima, Mann. Under bark ; all seasons. Knowle (Blatch) 100