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INSECTS PHLCEOCHARINA (continued) Pseudopsis sulcata, Newm. In grass roots, etc. Knowle (Blatch) PSELAPHID^E PsELAPHINA Pselaphus heisii, Herbst. In moss, grass tufts and vegetable refuse ; all sea- sons ; plentiful in all localities Tychus niger, Payk. In moss, grass tufts, hotbeds and hedge refuse ; abundant at all times in all localities Bythinus puncticollis, Denny. In moss, dead leaves and hedge refuse ; all seasons. Salford Priors ; Sutton (Blatch), Knowle, Coleshill validus, Aub6. Habitat and distribu- tion same to the preceding ; all sea- sons bulbifer, Reich. Found under similar conditions to the preceding and in the same localities curtisi, Denny. Habitat and distribu- tion same as the last securiger, Reich. In moss and dead leaves, generally in drier places than the preceding insects ; rare in mid- lands. Knowle burrelli, Denny. Amongst moss in hedge banks, in damp places ; all seasons. Knowle (Blatch) Bryaxis fossulata, Reich. Abundant in moss, grass tufts, hedge refuse, etc. ; at all seasons throughout the midlands haematica, Reich. In moss and flood refuse, sometimes under bark ; all seasons. Knowle (Blatch), Salford Priors juncorum, Leach. At roots of com- mon rush, in moss and hedge refuse ; abundant at all times and in all localities impressa, Panz. Grass tussocks in bogs and on margins of ponds ; all seasons. Coleshill (abundant) Bibloporus bicolor, Denny. Under bark of various trees, especially oak and birch ; all seasons. Knowle ; Sutton Park (Blatch) Euplectus punctatus, Muls. Under bark of oak and birch trees and logs ; all seasons. Salford Priors (Blatch), Knowle karsteni, Reich. Under bark and in hotbeds ; all seasons. Knowle ; Sut- ton (Blatch) signatus, Reich. In hotbeds, decaying vegetable matter, etc. ; all seasons ; generally abundant ; found through- out midlands PSELAPHINA (continued) Euplectus nanus, Reich. Mostly found under bark and occasionally in hot- beds ; all seasons. Edgbaston, Knowle, Sutton Park sanguineus, Denny. In hotbeds and vegetable refuse ; all seasons ; abun- dant in all localities piceus, Mots. Under bark of various trees, mostly oaks and birches ; also in hotbeds ; most parts of the mid- lands, often in great abundance Neuraphes elongatulus, Mttll. In moss, grass tufts, dead leaves, flood refuse and under bark ; all seasons ; found sparingly throughout the district sparshalli, Denny. Amongst decaying leaves in hedges, especially beneath holly bushes. Knowle ; Salford Priors (Blatch) Scydmsenus scutellaris, Mull. In moss, hedge refuse and under stones. A scarce species to be found at Knowle collaris, Mttll. In moss, under bark, etc. ; all seasons ; most abundant species of the genus, occurring every- where exilis, Er. Under bark. Generally a rare species, which however occurs in many midland localities. Sutton Coldfield (Blatch), Knowle, Coleshill Euconnus hirticollis, 111. Moss in boggy places ; all seasons. Sutton Park Eumicrus tarsatus, Mull. In hotbeds, vegetable refuse, moss and under stones ; all seasons ; plentiful throughout the district Eutheia scydmaenoides, Steph. In hotbeds, moss and flood refuse ; all seasons. Knowle (abundant) schaumi, Kies. In hotbeds, under bones and bark. Small Heath (Blatch), Knowle Cephennium thoracicum, Mttll. In moss, especially in woods ; all seasons. Knowle (Blatch), Salford Priors CLAMBINA Calyptomerus dubius, Marsh. On damp walls of house at Knowle (Blatch) ; all seasons Clambus pubescens, Redt. In hotbeds and vegetable refuse ; all seasons ; in all localities armadillo, De G. In bogs, flood re- fuse and under bark and bones ; all 101