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A HISTORY OF WARWICKSHIRE CLAMBINA (continued) seasons. Knowle ; Sutton (Blatch), Salford Priors Clambus minutus, Sturm. In grass tufts and moss, and by sweeping. Knowle ANISOTOMINA Agathidium nigripenne, Kug. Under loose bark, especially when affected by fungi ; all seasons. Sutton Park (Blatch), Knowle atrum, Payk. At grass roots and amongst dead leaves and woods and bogs, in fungi and under bark ; all seasons. Sutton Park, Hampton-in- Ardtn ; Colesbill (Blatch), Knowle seminulum, L. In moss, grass tufts, dead leaves and rotten wood ; all seasons. Knowle Izevigatum, Er. In moss, hedge re- fuse and under stones ; all seasons. Knowle ; Acocks Green (Blatch) - varians, Beck. Under bark, in moss and by sweeping. Knowle, in num- bers under fungoid bark of beech (Blatch) convexum, Sharp. In moss and amongst dead leaves in woods ; all seasons. Knowle (Blatch), Hampton-in-Arden - rotundatum, Gyll. Under bark ; all seasons. Knowle - nigrinum, Sturm. Amongst chips of newly felled timber, under bark and amongst moss ; all seasons. Knowle nigrinum var. staphyleum, Gyll. Knowle (Blatch) Amphycillis globus, F. In moss, hedge refuse, dead leaves in woods and at sap. Knowle globus var. rerrugineum, Sturm. Found with the type frequently in abun- dance Liodes humeralis, Kug. In fungi, espe- cially on old trees and logs and in moss ; all seasons. Salford Priors, Knowle (Blatch), Sutton Park orbicularis, Herbst. In fungi and un- der bark of decayed trees ; all sea- sons. Sutton Park Cyrtusa minuta, Ahr. On windows or waiting-room at Knowle Station in evening ; spring to autumn (Blatch) pauxilla, Schmidt. Same locality as preceding (Blatch) Anisotoma cinnamomea, Er. By sweep- ing in Sutton Park (]. F. Perry) dubia, Kug. By sweeping ; spring to autumn. Knowle badia, Sturm. Knowle (Blatch) punctulata, Gyll. By sweeping. Knowle (Blatch) In carcases and fungi spring to autumn ; all In carcases, dung and ANISOTOMINA (continued) Anisotoma calcarata, Er. In moss, amongst dead leaves and hedge refuse, etc. ; found all the year round and in all parts of the district Colenis dentipes, Gyll. In fungi and dead moles ; spring to autumn. Knowle (Blatch) SlLPHINA Necrophorus humator, F. In carcases and dung ; spring to autumn ; abundant everywhere mortuorum, F. and at sap localities ruspator, Er. under bones ; spring to autumn ; all parts of the district ruspator var. microcephalus, Thorns. Found with the type Nccrodes littoralis, L. In carrion ; spring to autumn. Sutton ; Knowle (Blatch), Coleshill Silpha tristis, 111. In moss and under stones ; all seasons. Sutton Park (Blatch), Knowle nigrita, Creutz. In carrion and under stones ; all seasons. Small Heath (Blatch), Knowle quadripunctata, L. Feeds on Lepi- dopterous larvat, especially such as affect oak trees ; in profusion in May and June. Sutton Park (Blatch), Knowie - opaca, L. In carrion and moss, under bark and stones ; all seasons. Knowle thoracica, L. In carrion and fungi ; spring to autumn ; occurs in all midland localities rugosa, L. In carrion. This is the most abundant species of the genus and occurs everywhere - sinuata, F. Found under same condi- tions and in same localities as pre- ceding, but is less abundant atrata, L. In moss, rotten stumps, under loose bark and occasionally in carrion ; all seasons ; all localities atrata var. brunnea, Herbst. Of fre- quent occurrence with the type CHOLEVINA Choleva angustata, F. In moss, hedge re- fuse, dead leaves in woods, grass tufts, etc. ; all seasons ; all localities, but not abundant cisteloides, FrShl. In moss, vegetable refuse, gravel pits and under bones ; all seasons ; throughout the district intermedia, Kr. In moss, dead leaves in woods ; all seasons. Knowle 102