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A HISTORY OF WARWICKSHIRE Athous longicollis, Ol. On trees and herbage, especially in wooded dis- tricts ; spring to autumn ; occurs throughout the county hsemorrhoidalis, F. On bracken and various trees and herbage ; in winter at roots of grass and in moss ; all seasons ; abundant everywhere vittatus, F. This species occurs with the preceding and is often mistaken for it Limonius minutus, L. By sweeping flowers, etc., in meadows; summer; plentiful in all localities Adrastus limbatus, F. By sweeping, in and near woods ; summer ; all lo- calities Agriotes sputator, L. In moss, grass tufts, vegetable refuse, and under stones, etc. ; all seasons ; all localities obscurus, L. Habitats as in the pre- ceding ; abundant in all parts of the district - lineatus, L. Found under the same circumstances as the preceding and equally widely distributed - sobrinus, Kies. In grass tufts and moss and by beating and sweeping ; all seasons ; all localities - pallidulus, 111. Habitats and localities as in the preceding Dolopius marginatus, L. By beating and sweeping ; mostly in woods ; amongst dead leaves in winter ; abundant in all parts of the midlands Corymbites pectinicornis, L. On various plants and flowers in spring and early summer, especially in damp pastures ; all localities but never abundantly cupreus, F. In pastures and on hill- sides, in grass roots and moss in winter ; all seasons ; all locali- ties cupreus var. aeruginosus, F. Found with the type, but seems to be more partial to hills and high moor- lands tessellatus, F. In moss, grass roots, flood refuse, and various plants ; all seasons. Knowle quercus, Gyll. By beating young trees and sweeping herbage ; summer ; all localities quercus var. ochropterus, Steph. Found with the type but perhaps less abun- dantly holosericeus, F. In moss and herbage, gravel pits, etc. ; all seasons ; throughout the district Corymbites aeneus, L. Under stones and at roots of ling, etc. Button Park bipustulatus, L. In dead willows, birch stumps and by sweeping ; one speci- men. Leamington Campylus linearis, L. By beating various trees, in dead leaves and old stumps ; all seasons. Sutton Park (Blatch), Knowle DASCILLID^E Helodes minuta, L. On various trees and herbage in damp places ; spring to autumn ; all localities marginata, F. Found under the same conditions as the preceding and in the same localities, but perhaps rather less abundantly Microcara livida, F. On herbage in damp places ; spring to autumn ; all lo- calities livida var. bohemanni, Mann. In osier beds ; spring to autumn. Knowle, Solihull Cyphon coarctatus, Payk. In osier beds, on margins of streams, etc. ; all seasons ; all localities nitidulus, Thorns. On herbage in moist and boggy places ; all seasons. Knowle ; Sutton (Blatch), Coleshill variabilis, Thunb. In marshy places, by sweeping, etc. ; all seasons ; abun- dant everywhere padi, L. In bogs ; all seasons. Coles- hill (Blatch), Sutton Scirtes hemisphaericus, L. Margins of streams, canals and pools ; spring to autumn ; rather local, but occurs throughout the midlands MALACODERMID^E LAMPYRINA Lampyris noctiluca, L. Under stones and loose bark, in moss and grass roots ; comes freely to ' light ' and ' sugar ' ; all seasons ; all localities Podabrus alpinus, Payk. By beating various trees ; spring and summer ; all localities TELEPHORINA Telephorus rusticus, Fall. Abundant in all localities lividus, L. All localities pellucidus, F. Fairly plentiful in all localities nigricans, Mull. All localities nigricans var. discoideus, Steph. Occurs with the type, but is scarcer 112