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INSECTS TELEPHORINA (continued) Telephorus lituratus, F. An abundant species everywhere figuratus, Mann. Occurs in all parts of the midlands bicolor, F. Abundant everywhere hasmorrhoidalis, F. Knowle oralis, Germ. Knowle (Blatch) flavilabris, Fall. In all localities thoracicus, Ol. Knowle (on palings) Rhagonyca fuscicornis, Ol. All localities fulva, Scop. Extremely abundant everywhere testacea, L. Found throughout the county but not abundantly limbata, Thorns. Very plentiful in all localities pallida, F. All localities NOTE. As all the species of the above two genera are found during the summer months on various flowers and the foliage of trees and shrubs it has been considered unnecessary to repeat the facts in each case. Malthinus punctatus, Fourc. By beating and sweeping trees and shrubs ; spring to autumn ; all localities fasciatus, Ol. On trees and plants, especially in and near woods ; spring to autumn ; all localities frontalis, Marsh. On and near fir trees ; summer. Knowle Malthodes marginatus, Latr. On trees and herbage ; spring to autumn ; abundant in all localities flavoguttatus, Kies. On various trees ; spring to autumn. Knowle (Blatch), Salford Priors guttifer, Kies. On trees and plants ; summer. Knowle mysticus, Kies. Knowle. One speci- men by beating ; summer pellucidus, Kies. On young birches and other trees and plants ; summer ; Knowle minimus, L. On various trees and shrubs ; spring to autumn ; abun- dant in all localities . misellus, Kies. On young trees, etc. ; summer. Knowle atomus, Thorns. On trees and plants ; summer. Knowle (Blatch) MELYRINA Malachius aeneus, L. In grass tufts and by sweeping ; apparently very rare in the midlands ; one specimen taken by the late Mr. Blatch and one by the author ; both at Knowle bipustulatus, L. On flowers and trees in summer, in moss and dead leaves MELYRINA (continued) in woods in winter ; abundant every- where Malachius viridis, F. On young trees in woods ; summer. Knowle (one specimen) Anthocomus fasciatus, L. In grassy places and on willows ; summer. Knowle Dasytes flavipes, F. On trees and herbage ; summer. Knowle (Blatch) aerosus, Kies. OR young trees and herbage ; summer ; all midland lo- calities, especially in and near woods Haplocnemus impressus, Marsh. All sea- sons ; under oak bark, in flowers, etc. Button Tillus elongatus, L. On old willows, etc. ; spring and summer. Knowle Opilo mollis, L. On old oaks ; summer. Leamington (A. J. Chitty) Thanasimus formicarius, L. In old trees, palings, etc. ; spring to autumn. Tamworth (Blatch), Salford Priors Necrobia ruficollis, F. Under bones and in carcases ; spring to autumn. Knowle ; Small Heath (Blatch) violacea, L. Under bones, hay refuse and in carcases ; all seasons. Knowle rufipes, De G. Under bones and in carcases ; spring to autumn. Knowle Corynetes caeruleus, De G. Under bones, in stack refuse and carcases ; all seasons. Knowle PTINID^E PTININA Ptinus fur, L. In dead wood and in old houses ; all seasons ; all localities subpilosus, Mall. In rotten wood, etc. ; all seasons ; rare. Small Heath (Blatch), Knowle brunneus, Duft. In cowshed refuse, old houses, etc. Birmingham ; Small- Heath (Blatch), Knowle Niptus hololeucus, Falc. In cupboards, etc., in houses ; all seasons ; all localities crenatus, F. In cowshed refuse, granaries, etc. ; all seasons. Bir- mingham (Blatch), Knowle Hedobia imperial's, L. In the wood of old hawthorns and by beating May- blossom ; spring and summer. Coles- hill ; Brandon (Blatch), Knowle ANOBIINA Dryophilus pusillus, Gyll. On fir trees and by sweeping near them ; summer. Knowle "3