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A HISTORY OF WARWICKSHIRE CURCULIONINA (continued) Thryogenes scirrhosus, Gyll. Amongst reeds and in grass tussocks in bogs ; all seasons. Sutton Park (Blatch) Dorytomus vorax, F. On poplars : often found in profusion hybernating under the bark ; all seasons ; all localities tortrix, L. On aspens, willows and poplars in summer ; under bark in winter. Knowle (Blatch), Co/eshill maculatus, Marsh. On sallows, etc. ; amongst leaves and refuse in wet places in winter ; all seasons ; abun- dant everywhere maculatus var. costirostris, Gyll. On aspens, etc. Coleshill (June) melanopthalmus, Payk. On sallows ; autumn. Knowle melanopthalmus var. agnathus, Boh. On sallows ; autumn. Knowle pectoralis, Gyll. On sallows and at roots of plants ; all seasons. Knowle (Blatch) Tanysphyrus lemnae, F. On duckweed (Lemna) and amongst refuse ; all sasons. Knowle ; Coleshill (Blatch) Bagous alismatis, Marsh. On water- plantain, watercress, etc. Knowle Anoplus plantaris, Naez. On young birches, etc. ; spring to autumn ; all localities - roboris, Suffr. On alders, oaks, etc. Knowle (Blatch) Elleschus bipunctatus, L. On young sal- lows ; autumn. Knowle (Blatch) Tychius tomentosus, Herbst. On vetches and other plants ; summer. Knowle (Blatch) Miccotrogus picirostris, F. On herbage in pastures, in moss, etc. ; all seasons ; all localities Gymnetron villosulus,Gyll. Amongst herb- age on margins of watercourses, etc. Knowle. Also recorded from Knowle by Blatch, but no specimen is pre- served in his collection - baccabungae, L. On Veronica bacca- bunga and other aquatic plants ; sum- mer. Knowle ; Tysoe (Blatch), Coles- hill Mecinus pyraster, Herbst. On plantains, in moss, etc. ; all seasons ; all localities Anthonomus ulmi, De G. On elms, etc. ; summer ; all localities rosinae, Des Gozis. By beating hedges ; summer. Knowle pedicularis, L. On whitethorn and other trees. Knowle (Blatch) pomorum, L. On apple, pear and other trees ; summer ; all localities rubi, Herbst. By beating hedges, etc., CURCULIONINA (continued) during summer ; in moss and leaves in woods in winter ; all localities Cionus scrophularias, L. On figworts(Scro- phularia); summer. Know/e(Blntch), Solihull hortulanus, Marsh. On Scrophularia and Verbascum ; summer. Knowle blattariaa, F. Habitat same as pre- ceding ; summer ; all localities pulchellus, Herbst. On Scrophularia nodosa ; summer ; all localities Orobites cyaneus, L. On herbage and in moss ; all seasons. Knowle ; Tysoe (Blatch), Coleshill Cryptorrhynchus lapathi, L. On willows, in osier beds, etc. ; summer. Salford Priors Coeliodes rubicundus, Herbst. On young birches in woods and bogs ; amongst dead leaves, etc., in winter ; all sea- sons. Knowle; Sutton (Blatch), Coles- hill - quercus, F. On young oaks ; amongst moss and leaves in woods ; all sea- sons. Knowle ; Sutton (Blatch) ruber, Marsh. On young oaks and amongst dead leaves in woods ; all seasons. Knowle erythroleucus, Gmel. On oaks, etc., in and near woods, and moss and dead leaves in winter ; all seasons. Knowle, Coleshill cardui, Herbst. On herbage, in moss, flood refuse, etc. ; all seasons. Knowle quadrimaculatus, L. On the stinging nettle, in moss and herbage ; all sea- sons ; all localities Poophagus sisymbrii, F. On Nasturtium amphibium ; on margins of brooks and ponds, etc. ; summer ; fairly plentiful throughout midlands Ceuthorrhynchusassimilis, Payk. On Cruci- ferae, in moss and herbage ; all sea- sons ; all localities cochleariae, Gyll. On Cochlearia and Cardamine in wet places ,- all sea- sons. Knowle (Blatch) - ericae, Gyll. On heath and ling and in moss, etc. ; all seasons. Coleshill ; Sutton (Blatch) - erysimi, F. On Cruciferae, in moss, etc. ; all seasons ; all localities erysimi var. chloropterus, Steph. Found with the type form contractus, Marsh. On Cruciferae, in moss, etc. ; all seasons ; all localities quadridens, Panz. On Cruciferas, in moss, etc. ; all seasons. Knowle (Blatch), Coleshill 122