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INSECTS CURCULIONINA (continued) Ceuthorrhynchus pollinarius, Forst. On the stinging nettle, in moss, etc. ; all seasons ; abundant in all places pleurostigma, Marsh. On Cruciferas, in moss, etc. ; all seasons ; all locali- ties marginatus, Payk. On flowers and herbage ; summer. Knowle (Blatch) rugulosus, Herbst. In moss and herb- age ; all seasons. Solihull euphorbias, Bris. On spurge (Euphorbia), etc. Knoui/e chrysanthemi, Germ. On the ox-eye daisy,etc. ; summer. Knowle (Blatch) litura, F. On thistles, etc. ; summer ; all localities Ceuthorrhynchidius floralis,Payk. On Cruci- ferae, etc. ; summer ; all localities nigrinus, Marsh. In herbage in wet places. Sheldon melanarius, Steph. Amongst herbage and moss, etc., in wet places ; all seasons. Knowle ; Salford Priors (Blatch) quercicola, Payk. On herbage and in moss. Knowle (Blatch) troglodytes, F. On plantains and herb- age in pastures ; all seasons ; abun- dant in all localities Rhytidosomus globulus, Herbst. On aspens ; summer ; taken by the late Mr. Blatch and the author in woods near Knowle Amalus hasmorrhous, Herbst. On herbage, in moss, etc. ; all seasons. Salford Priors (Blatch), Knowle Rhinoncus pericarpius, L. On knot grass, dock, thistles, etc. ; all seasons ; all localities gramineus, Herbst. At roots of plants, in vegetable refuse, etc. ; all seasons. Coleshill ; Button (Blatch), Knowle perpendicularis, Reich. In bogs and damp meadows ; all seasons. Knowle ; Sutton (Blatch), Kingswood, Coleshill castor, F. At roots of grass and amongst herbage ; all seasons. Sutton Cold- field Phytobius comari, Herbst. Grass tussocks, moss, etc., in bogs ; all seasons. Coles- hill; Sutton (Blatch) quadrituberculatus, F. In bogs and marshy places, in moss, etc. ; all seasons ; all localities canaliculatus, Fahr. Marshy places. Knowle (June) quadricornis, Gyll. Marshy places. Sutton Coldfield Limnobaris T-album, L. In grass tussocks, axils of reeds and flags, in moss, etc., CURCULIONINA (continued} in bogs and marshy places ; all sea- sons. Coleshill ; Sutton (Blatch) Balaninus venosus, Grav. On oaks in woods ; summer. Knowle nucum, L. On hazel in woods ; sum- mer. Knowle turbatus, Gyll. On oak, hazel, etc. ; summer. Knowle villosus, F. On oaks and hazels in summer ; flood refuse in winter. Knowle ; Sutton (Blatch) salicivorus, Payk. On willows ; spring to autumn ; all localities pyrrhoceras, Marsh. On oak, willow, hazel, etc. ; spring to autumn ; gener- ally distributed Magdalis armigera, Fourc. By beating ; summer. Knowle - cerasi, L. On blackthorn, etc. ; sum- mer. Knowle - pruni, L. On blackthorn ; summer ; all localities CALANDRINA Calandra granaria, L. In granaries, flour, corn, etc. ; all seasons. Birmingham ; Small Heath (Blatch), Knowle oryzae, L. In rice, wheat, flour, etc. ; all seasons. Birmingham (Blatch), Knowle COSSONINA Rhyncolus gracilis, Ros. In birch twigs, on dry sticks, etc. ; summer. Small Heath (Blatch) SCOLYTID^E Scolytus destructor, Ol. In elm, ash and other trees ; all seasons. Knowle ; Salford Priors (Blatch) pruni, Ratz. In apple trees. Haseler (Blatch), Knowle multistriatus, Marsh. In decaying trees, ash, apple, etc. ; summer. Knowle Hylastes ater, Payk. Under pine bark ; summer. Knowle opacus, Er. In decaying wood, fir, elm, etc. ; spring to autumn. Knowle (Blatch) palliatus, Gyll. Under bark of spruce and other firs ; all seasons. Knowle ; Sutton (Blatch) Hylesinus crenatus, F. In decaying ash trees. Knowle (Blatch) oleiperda, F. In dead ash trees. Leam- ington (A. G. Chitty), Knowle fraxini, Panz. In decaying ash trees ; all seasons ; all localities vittatus, F. In decaying elm, ash, etc. ; Campion Wyniates (Power), Salford Priors (Blatch)