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INSECTS Trichiura crataegi, L. Rare. Atberstone (C. Baker) ; Rugby (Rugby lists = A. Sidgwick, etc.) ; also recorded from near Wbitchurcb in the strip of Worcestershire separating Whit- church from the rest of Warwickshire (L. C. Keighley-Peach) Pcecilocampa populi, L. Not common. Tardley (E. C. Tye); Button (A. Johnson) ; Krurwle (R. C. Bradley, W. Kiss, etc.) ; Rugby (Rugby lists) ; Atberstone (C. Baker) ; Whitchurcb (on Worcestershire side of parish, L. C. Keighley-Peach) Eriogaster lanestris, L. Not common. Altester (R. C. Bradley); Knowle (H. W. Ellis, W. Kiss, etc.) ; Rugby Church Lawford and Brandon Woods (A. Sidgwick, etc., Rugby lists) ; Atberstone (C. Baker); Wolford (Austen ; larvae sometimes common, W. C. E. Wheeler) ; IdKcote (L. C. Keighley-Peach) Lasiocampa quercus, L. Common especially in Sutton Park, where the larvse are sometimes abundant. Rugby = Princethorpe, etc. (Rugby lists) ; War- wick (common, Baly) ; Knowle (W. Kiss) ; Atherstone (C. Baker) ; Watford (Austen, W. C. E. Wheeler) Macrothylacia (Bombyx) rubi, L. Common in Sutton Park ; also recorded from Rugby (Rugby list, 1894 only); Wolford (W. C. E. Wheeler) Cosmotriche potatoria, L. Common every- where Gastropacha quercifolia, L. Very rare. Bidford (one, G. W. Wynn) ; Hock- ley Heath (larva once, Blatch Cat.) ; Rugby (A. Sidgwick, Rugby list, 1867, etc.) ; near Warwick (W. Kiss) ; Wolford (larvae several times, not common, W. C. E. Wheeler) ; Whitchurch (on Worcestershire side, L. C. Keighley-Peach) SATURNIID/E Saturnia pavonia, L. Common in Sutton Park, where the males have been obtained in considerable numbers by sembling ; has not been recorded from anywhere else in the county, though there are several other lo- calities where it might be expected DREPANID.S Drepana falcataria, L. Not rare. I have taken the larvae freely at Knnule and also have records from Marston Green (G. W. Wynn) ; Coventry (G. H. Kenrick) ; Knowle (W. Kiss, Blatch Coll.) ; Coleshill (Blatch Cat.); Rugby = Brandon Woods, etc. (Rugby lists) ; Atberstone (C. Baker) ; Frankton (G. B. Longstaff, E.M.M. iii. 138) Drepana lacertinaria, L. With the above, but not quite so common. Marston Green (E. C. Tye, G. W. Wynn) ; Knowle (R. C. Bradley, W. Kiss, etc.) ; Sutton Park (P. W. Abbott, G. W. Wynn) ; Umberslade (Blatch Coll.) ; Rugby = Brandon Woods, etc. (Rugby lists) ; Athentone (C. Baiker) binaria, Hufh. (hamula, Esp.) Rare ; only old records = Knowle (Blatch Hand., and F. Enock, Sat. Guide), and the schoolboy records of the Rugby lists (1877, 1888) Cilix glaucata, Sc. (spinula, Schiff.) Gene- rally distributed NOCTUIDJE ACRONYCTIN^ Acronycta leporina, L. Not uncommon ; larvae frequent on poplars at Sutton and Knnule ; also recorded from Tardley (E. C. Tye) ; Rugby = Bran- dan Woods, etc. (Rugby lists), and Atkerstone (C. Baker). The usual form with us appears to be brady- porina, Tr. aceris, L. Very rare. W. G. Blatch records one specimen found on palings at Small Heath in 18/0, which specimen is still in his collec- tion ; no other record of the species in this county exists however, ex- cepting one or two in the Rugby lists (1874, 1898) tnegacephala, F. Common in the suburbs on the Staffordshire side of Birmingham, and probably all round. Also recorded from Knowle (G. W. Wynn, H. W. Ellis, etc., etc.); Rugby (A. Sidgwick, Rugby list, 1867, etc.) ; Warwick (P. P. Baly) ; Whitchurch (Worcestershire side, L. C. Keighley-Peach) alni, L. Occurs throughout the dis- trict, but never more than one speci- men seems to be taken at one time or place, and every one is recorded ; so that it must be considered very rare. Wylde Green (one on haw- thorn, C. J. Wainwright) ; near Rugby (one, W. D. Spencer) ; Knowle (one, G. W. Wynn ; one on oak, W. Kiss) ; Sutton (one on mountain ash, R. C. Bradley) ; Meulej (one on maple, H. W. Ellis); Yardley 133