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INSECTS TRIFINJE (continued) (Groves); Pershore Road, Birming- ham = ? Worcestershire (J. T. Foun- tain); Rugby (Rugby list, once only, 1892); Atherstone (C. Baker); near Coleshill (W. H. Bath, Entom. 1887, p. 210) Anchoscelis lunosa, Haw. Rare. Knowle (R. C. Bradley, W. G. Blatch) ; Button (P. W. Abbott) ; Yardley (H. Taylor); Atherstone (C. Baker); Rugby = Overslade, etc. (Rugby lists) Orthosia lota, Cl. Generally distributed but not abundant macilenta, Hb. Rare. Recorded from Knowle (Blatch Coll.); Saltley (Blatch Cat.); Rugby = Overslade, etc. (Rugby lists); Wolford (W. C. E. Wheeler) ; Chelmsley Wood (J. T. Fountain) circellaris, Hufn. (ferruginea, Esp.) Common everywhere helvola, L. (rufina, Hb.) Not uncom- mon. Button (P. W. Abbott, G. W. Wynn) ; Hampton-in-Arden, Mar- ston Green, Knouile (G. W. Wynn); Knowle (H. W. Ellis); Rugby = Overs/ade, etc. (Rugby lists); Ather- stone (C. Baker) - pistacina, F. Common everywhere in great variety litura, L. Common everywhere Xanthia citrago, L. Not common. Button (P. W. Abbott); Knowle (R. C. Bradley, G. W. Wynn, etc.); Hay Woods (G. W. Wynn, H. W. Ellis, etc.); Rugby = Overslade (Rugby lists, J. M. Furness); I have also taken it on Staffordshire side of Birming- ham aurago, F. Rare. The late Mr. W. G. Blatch took it at Knowle, but no other capture anywhere near Bir- mingham is known lutea, Strom, (flavago, F., silago, Hb.) Common everywhere fulvago, L. (cerago, F.) Common everywhere. This and lutea seem to occur wherever sallow grows, and the two can nearly always be bred if the catkins be gathered. O. cir- cellaris usually occurs with them but less frequently gilvago, Esp. Not common. Button (P. W. Abbott); Knowle (W. G. Blatch, H. W. Ellis); Hampton-in- Arden (not uncommon at ' sugar ' 1 900, G. W. Wynn); Rugby = Overslade, etc. (Rugby lists) ; Atherstone (C. Baker); Wolford (W. C. E. Wheeler) Orrhodia vaccinii, L. Common every- TRIFIN^E (continued) where, frequently very abundant at 'sugar' in the autumn and sallows in the spring Orrhodia ligula, Esp. (spadicea, Haw.) Not so common as vaccinii but generally occurs with it, and Mr. W. G. Blatch obtained it in considerable numbers at ' sugar ' at Knowle. The form we get seems to be always a rich dark brown, and is, I suppose, var. sub- spadicea, Stgr. Scopelosoma satellitia, L. Common every- where Xylina ornitopus, Rott. (rhizolitha, Tr.) Notcommon. Know/e(W.G. Blatch); Solihull (Blatch Cat.); 1 Rugby (Rugby list, 1888 only) Calocampa vetusta, Hb. Not common. Button (H. M. Lee, Blatch Hand., etc.); Knowle (W. G. Blatch); Rugby = Overslade, etc. (Rugby lists) exoleta, L. Not uncommon. Marston Green (E. C. Tye); Button (P. W. Abbott, G. W. Wynn, etc.); Knowle (W. G. Blatch, etc.) ; Birmingham (J. T. Fountain); Solihull (Blatch Cat.) ; Rugby = Overslade, etc. (Rugby lists) Xylocampa areola, Esp. (lithorhiza, Tr.) Not common ; it occurs regularly at Knowle and is also recorded from Button (H. Taylor); Coleshill (Blatch Cat.); Rugby = Overslade, etc. (Rugby lists) ; Wolford (W. C. E. Wheeler) Cucullia verbasci, L. Not common. Knowle (W. G. Blatch) ; Rugby (Rugby lists); Whitchurch (J. H. Bloom); Wolford (W. C. E. Wheeler) umbratica, L. > The records of chamomillae, Schiff. / these two spe- cies are probably mixed and unde- pendable owing to their close resem- blance, but both species seem to occur throughout the county, um- bratica being probably much the commoner Anarta myrtilli, L. Common in Button Park, and is also recorded from Hampton-in-Arden (G. W. Wynn) ; there are not many other places in the county which I should regard as likely for its occurrence Heliaca tenebrata, Scop, (arbuti, F.) Com- mon locally throughout the county Pyrrhia umbra, Hufn. (Chariclea marginata, F.) Very rare ; has been recorded from Coleshill (Blatch Hand.); Knowle (H. Taylor); Rugby = Overslade^. M. Furness, Rugby list, 1892) 139