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A HISTORY OF WARWICKSHIRE TRIFIN.* (continued) Erastria fasciana, L. (fuscula, Hb.) Very rare. H. R. Brown, in Entom. 1882, p. 91, records it from a wood at Bubbenhall near Coventry, and it is also recorded in Rugby lists as occur- ring in Waveley Wood near Stoneleigh Park, also on Mr. H. R. Brown's authority. The two records prob- ably refer to the same capture, and Mr. N. V. Sidgwick tells me the in- sects are still in the school collection labelled accordingly Rivula sericealis, Scop. The only records I have of this species are in the Rugby lists in 1874 and 1898, the former on Mr. A. Sidgwick's the latter on Mr. N. V. Sidgwick's authority. Mr. N. V. Sidgwick in a letter confirms the capture and says he took one in Rugby Prothymnia viridaria, Cl. (asnea, Hb.) W. G. Blatch in his Handbook gives Knowle, Coleshill and Button, and F. Enock (List, 1869) says common, but I have no recent records except that Mr. W. C. E. Wheeler gives it in his Wolford list, and it occurs several times in the Rugby lists Brandon Jf^oods, etc. I feel sure it does not occur at Sutton now GoNOPTERINj'E Scolioptcryx libatrix, L. Generally dis- tributed and fairly common QuADRIFIN.ffi Abrostola triplasia, L. Not common. Tardley (E. C. Tye, G. W. Wynn); Knowle (W. Kiss, etc.); Rugby Overslade, etc. (Rugby lists); Aiher- stone (C. Baker) ; Whitchurch (J. H. Bloom) ; Wolford (W. C. E. Wheeler) tripartite, Hufn. (urticae, Hb.) Not common. Yardley (E. C. Tye) ; Knowle (Blatch Coll.) ; Rugby = Over- slade, etc. (Rugby lists) ; Athentone (C. Baker) ; Wolford (W. C. E. Wheeler) Plusia chrysitis, L. Throughout the county not uncommon festucae, L. I have one specimen taken by my brother in Sutton Park, and have a record of its occurrence at Wolford, where Mr. W. C. E. Wheeler says his father took it years ago pulchrina, Haw. (v-aureum, Gn.) Not uncommon throughout the county jota, L. Not uncommon throughout the county TRIFIRS (continued) Plusia gamma, L. As abundant as else- where Euclidia mi, Cl. Recorded from most parts of the county, but seems to be local. It does not occur at Sutton, nor has it been recorded from any- where nearer to Birmingham than Knowle glyphica, L. Usually occurs with the above but there are fewer records for it. Knowle (Blatch Hand.) ; Rugby = Cathiron, etc. (Rugby lists); Wol- ford (W. C. E. Wheeler); Whit- church, (Worcestershire side, L. C. Keighley-Peach) Catocala fraxini, L. Rugby ; one caught by T. M. Wratislaw on August 31, 1880 (see Entom. 1880, p. 310) nupta, L. Not common. Hampton-in- Arden (one, 1900, G. W. Wynn); Knowle (Blatch Hand.); Rugby (N. V. Sidgwick, and Rugby lists) ; Warwick (taken by Mr. Chadwick = P. P. Baly) ; Baddesley Clinton (one, W. Kiss); Whitchurch (J. H. Bloom); Wolford (common some years, in others scarcely one, W. C. E. Wheeler) [ sponsa, L. Rev. J. H. Bloom tells me that it was taken by Mr. Austen in Wolford Woods ; I however think it improbable, and it certainly needs confirmation as it is not usually taken in the midlands] [ promissa, Esp. This also comes into the list on a single doubtful record. Mr. W. S. Edmonds records it in Rugby list, 1888, and Mr. N. V. Sidgwick writes me that he assured him he had taken it in Brandon Woods and seemed to know it ; I consider it however as improbable as the last] HYPENIN^E Laspeyria flexula, Schiff. Mr. N. V. Sidg- wick tells me he has taken this in Rugby, and it occurs several times in the Rugby lists Zanclognatha tarsi pennalis, Tr. Not un- common. Coventry (G. H. Kenrick); Rugby = Brandon Woods, Ovenlade, Princethorpe, etc. (Rugby lists) ; Knowle (Blatch Coll.); Atherstone (C. Baker) grisealis, Hb. (nemoralis, F.) Not un- common. Sutton (R. C. Bradley) ; Knowle (Blatch Coll.); Rugby = Over- slade, etc. (Rugby lists) Pechipogon barbalis, Cl. Knowle (Blatch Coll.) ; Rugby = Brandon Woods, 140