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INSECTS HYPENIN. (continued) Princethorpe, etc. (Rugby lists); Ather- stone (C. Baker) Hypena proboscidalis, L. Common. Knowle (R. C. Bradley) ; Rugby (Rugby lists) CYMATOPHORID.E Habrosyne derasa, L. Occurs throughout the county, but not abundantly Thyatira batis, L. More numerous than derasa and equally generally distri- buted Cymatophora or (S.V.), F. Rare. Knowle (W. Kiss); Rugby (Rugby list, once only, 1888) octogesima, Hb. (ocularis, Gn.) Mr. E. A. Laxon tells me that two speci- mens of this species were taken in Waveley Wood near Coventry in his presence duplaris, L. Not common. Sutton (G. W. Wynn, J. T. Fountain) ; Hay Wood (G. W. Wynn) ; Knowle (G. W. Wynn, Blatch Coll.); Rugby (Rugby list, 1888 only); Wolf or d (W. C. E. Wheeler) Polyploca diluta, F. Not uncommon. Coventry, Knowle, Marston Green (G. W. Wynn) ; Knowle (R. C. Bradley, W. Kiss, etc.) ; Solihull (Blatch Coll.); Rugby (Rugby list, in 1888 only); Wolford (W. C. E. Wheeler) ; Whtcburch(]. H. Bloom) ; Chelmsley Wood (J. T. Fountain) flavicornis, L. Not common. Sohhull (R. C. Bradley) ; Marston Green (E. C. Tye, G. W. Wynn); Middle- ton Woods (P. W. Abbott) ; Knowle (R. C. Bradley, G. W. Wynn, etc.); Sutton Park (G. W. Wynn, H. Taylor) ridens, F. Rare. I have only one record = Wolford (one only, W. C. E. Wheeler) ; but it has also been taken only just over the -border in Hopwas Wood by Mr. W. G. Blatch BREPHID^E Brephos parthenias, L. Rare. Knowle (W. G. Blatch) ; Rugby = Brandon Woods, etc. (Rugby lists) ; Wolford Woods (common in one part, W. C. E. Wheeler) nothum, Hb. The Rev. A. H. Wratislaw records it in the Rugby list for 1867 GEOMETRIDjE GEOMETRINJE Pseudoterpna pruinata, Hufn. (cythisaria, GEOMETRIN.S (continued) Schiff. Not uncommon. Sutton (P. W. Abbott, G. W. Wynn, etc.) ; Knowle (Blatch Hand.) ; Rugby (N. V. Sidgwick, and Rugby lists) ; Atherstone (C. Baker) ; Wolford (W. C. E. Wheeler) Geometra papilionaria, L. Not common. Marston Green (E. C. Tye) ; Knowle (R. C. Bradley, W. Kiss, etc.); Atherstone (C. Baker) ; Rugby = Frankton Wood, Brandon Woods, etc. (Rugby lists) ; Bubbinhall near Coventry (H. R. Brown, Entom. 1882, p. 91) Euchloris pustulata, Hufn. (bajularia, Schiff.) Not common and local. Knowle (W. G. Blatch, W. Kiss) ; Solihull (Blatch Hand.) ; Rugby = Wave ley Wood, etc. (Rugby lists) ; Atherstone (C. Baker) ; Bubbinhall near Coven- try (H. R. Brown, 1882, p. 91) Thalera lactearia, L. Common every- where Hemithea strigata, Mttll. (thymiaria, Gn.) Not common. Hampton-in-Arden (G. W. Wynn) ; Knowle (Blatch Coll.) ; Rugby = Brandon Woods, etc. (Rugby lists) ; Atherstone (C. Baker); Wolford (Austen, W. C. E. Wheeler) ; Whltchurch (J. H. Bloom) AciDALIINJE Acidalia dimidiata, Hufn. (scutulata, Bkh.) Common. Knowle (R. C. Bradley, etc.) ; Hampton-in-Arden (G. W. Wynn) ; Atherstone (C. Baker) ; Rugby = Overslade, etc. (Rugby lists); Wolford (W. C. E. Wheeler) virgularia, Hb. (incanaria, Hb.) Soli- hull (A. H. Martineau, one in house) ; Knowle (Blatch Cat.) ; Wol- ford (W. C. E. Wheeler) ; Rugby = Overslade, Princethorpe, etc. (Rugby lists, quite common, N. V. Sidg- wick) bisetata, Hufn. Common. Knowle (R. C. Bradley, G. W. Wynn); Stechford (Blatch Coll.) ; Tardley (H. Taylor) ; Rugby = Overslade, etc. (Rugby lists) ; Atherstone (C. Baker); Wolford (W. C. E. Wheeler) dilutaria, Hb. (osseata [F.], Stt.) Rug- by = Brandon village and Ntwbold (N. V. Sidgwick) inornata, Haw. Not common. Sutton (W. G. Blatch, G. W. Wynn) ; Knowle (Blatch Coll.); Rugby (Rugby list 1888 only) aversata, L. Common everywhere 141