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INSECTS least uncertain as to identification. There has been no attempt to make a complete list, but rather to supply the nucleus of one and to give an idea of the more characteristic dipterous insects of the county fauna. The system and nomenclature is according to Verrall's List of British Diptera published in 1901. My thanks are due to Mr. Verrall for assistance and advice in the preparation of the list ; to Mr. R. C. Bradley for much information which I have included ; and to the Rev. J. H. Bloom, who assisted me by collecting a few Diptera at Whitchurch. DIPTERA ORTHORRHAPHA NEMATOCERA DIXID.E Dixa maculosa, Mg. ; nebulosa, Mg. ; aprilina, Mg. PTYCHOPTERIDjE Ptychoptera contaminata, L. ; paludosa, Mg. ; albimana, F. ; scutellaris, Mg. LIMNOBID^E LIMNOBIN.S: Limnobia quadrinotata, Mg. ; nubeculosa Mg. ; flavipes, F. ; analis, Mcq. (nitida, Verr.) ; tripunctata, F. ; tri- vittata, Schum. ; macrostigma, Schum. Dicranomyia modesta, Mg. ; chorea, Mg. ; didyma, Mg. ; dumetorum, Mg. ; morio, F. Rhipidia maculata, Mg. RHAMPHIDIN.S: Rhamphidia longirostris, Mg. Thaumastoptera calceata, Mik. ERIOPTERIN.S: Empeda nubila, Schum. Goniomyia tenella, Mg. Chilotrichia imbuta, Mg. Acyphona maculata, Mg. Molophilus appendiculatus, Staeg. ; propin- quus, Egg. ; bifilatus, Verr. ; ob- scurus, Mg. ; murinus, Mg. Rhypholophus nodulosus, Mcq. ; varius, Mg. ; pentagonalis, Loew. Erioptera flavescens, Mg. ; lutea, Mg. ; taenionota, Mg. ; fuscipennis, Mg. ; trivialis, Mg. Lipsothrix errans, Wlk. LIMNOPHILIN.S Idioptera pulchella, Mg. Ephelia miliaria, Egg. ; varinervis, Zett. ; submarmorata, Verr. ; marmorata, Mg. Po:cilostola punctata, Schk. (continued) Epiphragma picta, F. Limnophila Meigenii, Verr.; lineola, Mg.; aperta, Verr. ; ferruginea, Mg. ; ochracea, Mg. ; punctum, Mg. ; fuscipennis, Mg. ; discicollis, Mg. ; lucorum, Mg. ; nemoralis, Mg. Adelphomyia senilis, Hal. Trichocera annulata, Mg. ; regelationis, L. AMALOPIN^ Ula pilosa, Schum. Dicranota bimaculata, Schum. Amalopis immaculata, Mg. Pedicia rivosa, L. CYLINDROTOMIN^E Cylindrotoma distinctissima, Mg. Phalacrocera replicata, L. TIPULIDJE Dolichopeza sylvicola, Curt. Pachyrrhina crocata, L. ; imperialis, Mg. ; scurra, Mg. ; histrio, F. ; maculosa, Mg. ; cornicina, L. ; guestfalica, Westh. ; quadrifaria, Mg. ; annuli- cornis, Mg. Tipula pagana, Mg. ; obsoleta, Mg. ; sig- nata, Staeg.; rufina, Mg. ; longicornis, Schum. ; pabulina, Mg. ; varipennis, Mg. ; scripta, Mg. ; Diana, Mg. ; plumbea, F. ; pruinosa, W. ; lutei- pennis, Mg. ; flavolineata, Mg. ; lunata, L. ; lateralis, Mg. ; vernalis, Mg. ; vittata, Mg. ; gigantea, Schrk. ; lutescens, F. ; oleracea, L. ; paludosa, Mg. ; ochracea, Mg. Xiphura atrata, L. (C. J. Wainwright) ; nigricornis, Mg. All the above were collected by Mr. Brad- ley at Sutton unless otherwise marked. In Sutton Park are several boggy parts, and in these the ' Daddies ' are very numerous. Pedicia rivosa, L. is probably the most strik- ing species, it is usually common in Blackroot Bog and is handsome and conspicuous 159