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INSECTS Verr., Birmingham (R. C. B.) ; campestris, Latr., common at Sutton (R. C. B., C. J. W.); unicolor, Zett. (R. C. B.) SYRPHID^E SYRPHIN^ Paragus tibialis, Fall. (R. C. B.) Pipizella virens, F. (R. C. B.) ; flavitarsis, Mg. (R. C. B., C. J. W.), very rare ; Heringi Zett., one so named by Mr. Verrall (C. J. W.) Pipiza noctiluca, L., very common ; bima- culata, Mg. (R. C. B.) Cnemodon vitripennis, Mg. (R. C. B. and C. J. W.) Orthoneura brevicornis, Loew, in Black- root Bog every year (C. J. W.) ; nobilis, Fall. (R. C. B.) ; elegans, Mg. (C. J. W., every year). It is noteworthy that these three species all occur in Sutton Park, elegans and brevicornis every year for a short time only in May, and nobilis only in odd ones Liogaster splendida, Mg. (R. C. B.) ; metallina, F., very common in Sutton Bog, and occurs with O. ele- gans, Mg., which closely resembles it Chrysogaster hirtella, Lw., common in the bog ; solstitialis, Fin., very abundant in the bog ; virescens, Lw., rare, with the other species ; splendens, Mg., very few, also in the bog, but I think it is a later insect, as I have only seen it there in August, whereas the other species are most abundant in May and June Chilosialongula,Zett. Sutton (one, C. J. W., in my collection as plumulifera, Loew.) scutellata, Fall. One of the com- monest species of the genus pulchripes, Lcew. ; variabilis, Panz., common ; honesta, Rond. (R. C. B.); illustrata, Harris, very rare through- out the midlands, as the only speci- men either of us has seen is one I took in Hay Woods ; grossa, Fall., rare on sallow bloom in spring ; albipila, Meig., rare, with the for- mer ; albitarsis, Meig., common in Sutton Bog ; fraterna, Mg., common in the bogs ; Bergenstammi, Becker (R. C. B.) ; vernalis, Fall. (R. C. B.) Platychirus. This genus is very highly developed in Warwickshire, and occurs freely both in individuals and species ; manicatus, Mg., common everywhere ; discimanus, LCEW., SYRPHINJE (continued) very common in Sutton Park in May and June on late sallow blossoms and on hawthorn ; I have seen it in great numbers ; peltatus, Meig., common everywhere ; scutatus, Mg., very common, especially in gardens, where I have seen it swarming at flowers of ' London Pride,' etc. ; albimanus, F., very common every- where ; scambus, Stoeg, not common, Sutton only ; perpallidus, Verr., dis- covered by Mr. R. C. Bradley in Sutton Park, and still only known from there and by odd individuals from elsewhere ; it is rare, however, and was only taken in one year, 1895 ; clypeatus, Mg., very common everywhere ; angustatus, Zett., com- mon, especially in the Sutton Bogs Pyrophaena granditarsa, Forst. ; rosarum, Fab. Both occur not uncommonly in Blackroot Bog; they seem always associated with boggy land. Melanostoma is like Platychirus, very highly developed with us : am- biguum, Fall., not uncommon on hawthorn, etc., in spring ; melli- num, L. and scalare, F., both very abundant everywhere, especially amongst long grass Melangyna quadrimaculata, Verr., occurs sometimes in great numbers on the sallows in early spring with Syrphus lasiophthalmus, Zett. ; chiefly observed in Sutton Park so far as Warwick- shire is concerned, but I have found it wherever I have collected at sal- low blooms in the midlands Leucozona lucorum, L. One of the orna- ments of Blackroot Bog, where it is not uncommon Ischyrosyrphus glaucius, L. (R. C. B.) laternarius, Mall, Sutton (R. C. B.), Hay Wood (C. J. W.) ; both these species are rare with us Didea alneti, Fall. Sutton (R. C. B.), Hay Woods (C. J. W.) ; fasciata, Macq., Sutton (R. C. B.), Hay Wood(K. H. Martineau) ; intermedia, Loew., Sut- ton (R. C. B.) ; all three species are very rare Catabomba pyrastri, L. (R. C. B.), not com- mon ; selenitica, Meig. Mr. R. C. Bradley found this species in 1894 in Sutton Park in considerable num- bers, flying high up about the pine trees ; so far as I know however it has not been seen since Syrphus. The species of this genus occur 161 21