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TABLE OF ABBREVIATIONS Abbrev. Plac. (Rec. Com.) Acts of P.C. . . Add ...... Add. Chart. . . Admir ..... Agarde .... Anct. Corrcsp. . Anct. D. (P.R.O.) A 2420 Antiq ..... Arch Arch. Cant. Archd. Rcc. Archit Assize R. Aud. Off. . Aug. Off. . Ayloffe . . Bed. . . Beds . . Berks . Bdle. . B.M. . Bodl. Lib. Boro. Brev. Reg. Brit. Buck. . Bucks Cal. . Camb. Cambr. Cant Cap. . . . Carl Cart. Antiq. R. . C.C.C. Camb. . . Certiorari Bdles. (Rolls Chap.) Chan. Enr. Decree R. Chan. Proc. . . Chant. Cert. Chap. Ho. . . . Charity Inq. . . Chart. R. 20 Hen. i. No. 10 Chartul. Abbreviatio Placitorum (Re- cord Commission) Acts of Privy Council Additional Additional Charters Admiralty Agarde's Indices Ancient Correspondence Ancient Deeds (Public Record Office) A 2420 Antiquarian or Antiquaries Appendix Archaeologia or Archsological Archzologia Cantiana Archdeacon's Records Architectural Assize Rolls Audit Office Augmentation Office Ayloffe's Calendars Bedford Bedfordshire Berkshire Bundle British Museum Bodley's Library Borough Brevia Regia Britain, British, Britannia.etc. Buckingham Buckinghamshire Calendar Cambridgeshire or Cambridge Cambria, Cambrian, Cam- brensis, etc. Canterbury Chapter Carlisle Cartx Antiquae Rolls Corpus Christ! College, Cam- bridge Certiorari Bundles (Rolls Chapel) Chancery Enrolled Decree Rolls Chancery Proceedings Chantry Certificates (or Cer- tificates of Colleges and Chantries) Chapter House Charity Inquisitions Charter Roll, 20 Henry III. part i. Number 10 Chartulary Chas Ches Chest Ch. Gds. (Exch. K.R.) Chich Chron Close . . . . Co Colch Coll Com Com. Picas . Conf. R. . . . Co. Plac. . . . Cornw Corp Cott Ct. R Ct. of Wards . . Cumb Cur. Reg. . D. and C. . . . De Bane. R. . . Dec. and Ord. Dep. Keeper's Rep. Derb Devon .... Doc Dods. MSS. . . Dom. Bk. . . . Dors Duchy of Lane. Dur East Eccl Eccl. Com. . . Edw Eliz Engl Engl. Hist. Rev. . Epis. Reg. . Esch. Enr. Accts. . Excerpta e Rot. Fin. (Rec. Com.) Exch. Dep. . . Exch. K.B. . . Exch. K.R. . . Exch. L.T.R. . . Exch. of Pleas, Plea R. Exch. of Receipt . Charles Cheshire Chester Church Goods (Exchequer King's Remembrancer) Chichester Chronicle, Chronica, etc. Close Roll County Colchester Collections Commission Common Pleas Confirmation Rolls County Placita Cornwall Corporation Cotton or Cottonian Court Rolls Court of Wards Cumberland Curia Regis Dean and Chapter De Banco Rolls Decrees and Orders Deputy Keeper's Reports Derbyshire or Derby Devonshire Documents Dodsworth MSS. Domesday Book Dorsetshire Duchy of Lancaster Durham Easter Term Ecclesiastical Ecclesiastical Commission Edward Elizabeth England or English English Historical Review Episcopal Registers Escheators Enrolled Accounts Excerpta e Rotulis Finium (Record Commission) Exchequer Depositions Exchequer King's Bench Exchequer King's Remem- brancer Exchequer Lord Treasurer's Remembrancer Exchequer of Pleas, Plea Roll Exchequer of Receipt