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TABLE OF ABBREVIATIONS Exch. Spec. Com. Exchequer Special Commis- Feet of F. . . . Feod. Accts. (Ct. of Wards) Feod. Surv. (Ct. of Wards) Feud. Aids . . . fol Foreign R. . . Forest Proc. . . Gen Geo Glouc Guild Certif. (Chan.) Ric. II. Hants .... Harl Hen Heref. .... Hertf. .... Herts .... Hil Hist. Hist. MSS. Com. Hosp ..... Hund. R. . . . Hunt. . . * . . Hunts . . . . Inq. a.q.d. . Inq. p.m. . Inst ...... Invent ..... Itin Jas. . Journ. Lamb. Lib. Lane L. and P. Hen. VIII. Lansd Ld. Rev. Rec. . . Leic Le Neve's Ind. Lib Lich Line Lond. . . m. . . . Mem. . . Memo. R. . Mich. . . Midd. . . Mins. Accts. Feet of Fines Feodaries Accounts (Court of Wards) Feodaries Surveys (Court of Wards) Feudal Aids Folio Foreign Rolls Forest Proceedings Genealogical, Genealogica, etc. George Gloucestershire or Gloucester Guild Certificates (Chancery) Richard II. Hampshire Harley or Harleian Henry Herefordshire or Hereford Hertford Hertfordshire Hilary Term History, Historical,Historian, Historia, etc. Historical MSS. Commission Hospital Hundred Rolls Huntingdon Huntingdonshire Inquisitions ad quod dam num Inquisitions post mortem Institute or Institution Inventory or Inventories Ipswich Itinerary James Journal Lambeth Library Lancashire or Lancaster Letters and Papers, Hen. VIII. Lansdowne Land Revenue Records Leicestershire or Leicester Le Neve's Indices Library Lichfield Lincolnshire or Lincoln London Membrane Memorials Memoranda Rolls Michaelmas Term Middlesex Ministers' Accounts Misc. Bks. (Exch. K.R., Exch. T.R. or Aug. Off.) Mon. Monm. . Mun. . . Mus. N. and Q. . Norf. . . Northampt. Northants . Northumb. . Norw. . Nott. N.S. . . Off. . . Orig. R. Oxf. . Palmer's Ind. . Pal. of Chest. . . Pal. ofDur. . . Pal. of Lane. . . Par Parl Parl. R Parl. Surv. . Partic. for Gts. Pat P.C.C Peterb Phil PipeR Plea R Pope Nich. Tax. (Rec. Com.) P.R.O Proc Proc. Soc. Antiq. . Pt Pub. . R Rec. . . . Recov. R. . . Rentals and Surv. Rep Rev Ric Roff. . . . Rot. Cur. Reg. Rut. . Sarum Ser. . Sess. R. Shrews. Miscellaneous Book (Ex- chequer King's Remem- brancer, Exchequer Trea- sury of Receipt or Aug- mentation Office) Monastery, Monasticon Monmouth Muniments or Munimcnta Museum Notes and Queries Norfolk Northampton Northamptonshire Northumberland Norwich Nottinghamshire or Notting- ham New Style Office Originalia Rolls Oxfordshire or Oxford Page Palmer's Indices Palatinate of Chester Palatinate of Durham Palatinate of Lancaster Parish, Parochial, etc. Parliament or Parliamentary Parliament Rolls Parliamentary Surveys Particulars for Grants Patent Roll or Letters Patent Prerogative Court of Canter- bury Peterborough Philip Pipe Roll Plea Rolls Pope Nicholas' Taxation (Re cord Commission) Public Record Office Proceedings Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries Part Publications Roll Records Recovery Rolls Rentals and Surveys Report Review Richard Rochester diocese Rotuli Curia: Regis Rutland Salisbury diocese Series Sessions Rolls Shrewsbury