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A HISTORY OF WARWICKSHIRE From these the Count of Meulan (Me/lend] has 6 sestars and 5 shil- lings. The custom of Warwic(k) was that when the king goes by land on an expedition 10 burgesses of Warwic(k) should go on behalf of (pro) all the others. (He) who did not go when summoned used to pay 100 shillings fine (emendabaf) to the king. If however the king were going against his enemies by sea (the burgesses) used to send him either 4 boatswains (batsueins) or 4 pounds of pennies. 1 HERE ARE ENTERED THOSE HOLDING LANDS IN WARWICSCIRE i KING WILLIAM ii The Bishop of Chester in The Bishop of Worcester mi The Bishop of Bayeux v The Bishop of Coutances vi The abbey of Coventry vn The abbey of Abingdon vnj The abbey of Burton ix The abbey of Malmesbury x The abbey of Winchcombe xi The abbey of Evesham xn Earl Roger xnj Earl Hugh xmi Earl Aubrey xv Countess Godeva xvi The Count of Meulan xvij Turchil of Warwick xvni Hugh de Grentemaisnil xix Henry de Ferieres xx Roger de Ivri (Juri) xxi Robert de Oilgi XLIJ Cristina. XLIII Leveva thegns and Serjeants (servientes) of (de Grentemaisnil). XXII XXIII XXIIII XXV XXVI XXVII XXVIII XXIX XXX XXXI XXXII XXXIIJ XXXIV XXXV XXXVI XXXVIJ XXXVIIJ XXXVIII XXXIX XL! Robert de Stafford Robert Dispensator Robert de Veci Ralf de Mortemer Ralf de Limesi William son of Ansculf William son of Corbucion William Buenvasleth Geoffrey de Mannevile Geoffrey de Wirce Gilbert de Gand Gilbert son of Turold Gerin Urse de Abetot Stephen Osbern son of Richard Harold son of Earl Ralf Hascoit Musard Nicolas the crossbowman Nigel de Albengi and Eddid XLIIIJ Richard and other the king. XLV Adeliza wife of Hugh See the Introduction (pp. 289, 290) for the whole of this opening section. 1 Sic. The scribe having numbered two entries xxxviii did not think it worth while, or perhaps was not permitted, to correct the second entry and the one which followed it, so solved the difficulty by leaping straight from xxxix to xli. 300