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THE HOLDERS OF LANDS mesnc is I ; and (there are) 7 villeins and 8 bordars with 3 ploughs. There are 2 mills worth (de) 2 shillings, and IO acres of meadow ; wood(land) i league long and I broad, worth 2O shillings when it bears {pneraf}. The whole was and is worth 30 shillings. Alward held it (and) was free. From T(urchil) Almar holds LANGEDONE [Longdon in Solihull]. 1 There are 2^ hides. There is land for 2 ploughs. In the demesne is half (a plough) ; and 6 villeins and 3 bordars have I ploughs. There are 6 acres of meadow ; wood(land) i league long, and a half broad. It was and is worth 20 shillings. Arnul held it T.R.E. From T(urchil) Alnod holds MACHITONE [Maxstoke]. 3 There are 5 hides less I vir- gate. There is land for 5 ploughs. There are IO villeins and 4 bordars with 3 ploughs, and 2 acres of meadow. (There is) wood- (land) I league long and half (a league) broad. It was worth 2O shillings ; now 40 shillings. Ailmund held it freely T.R.E. From T(urchil) Roger holds MERSTONE [? Marston Green in Bickenhill] ? There are 3 hides. There is land for 3 ploughs. In the demesne is I ; and (there are) 4 villeins and 2 bordars with 3 ploughs. There are 2 acres of meadow. It was worth 20 shillings ; now 30. Eduin the sheriff held it freely. From (Turchil) the same Roger holds in ELMEDONE [Elmdon] half a hide. There is land for half a plough, yet there is there in the demesne i plough, and 5 acres of meadow. (There is) wood(land) I furlong long, and another broad. It was and is worth 5 shil- lings. Tochi held it freely. 1 Longdon does not appear in the Subsidy Roll of I Edward III., but was a well recognized manor in the time of Dugdale. It is now only a farm. At the time of Domesday it may have included Widney. a This was probably the original name of the place, and is still I believe preserved in the form of Mackidown, which is the name given to some part of the parish. [The Domesday form clearly reappears in the name of Helias son of Helias de ' Makinton,' grantee of some land in the neighbouring parish of Elmdon (Ancient Deed, C. 2025). The deed is assigned to the reign of Hen. III. J.H.R.] 3 Of the six references in the Warwickshire Domesday to places named ' Merstone ' or ' Merse- tone,' one has been dealt with already (see p. 3 1 5) ; one situate in 'Tremelau' Hundred is certainly Marston Butler (now Butler's Marston) ; and two, one held by Robert de Olgi and one by Robert Dispensator, are rubricated as in Coleshill Hundred. This ' Mers- From T(urchil), Bruning holds in WINCHI- CELLE [? Wigginshill] * 3 virgates of land. There is land for i plough, and the same is there in the demesne, and 8 acres of meadow. (There is) wood(land) 2 furlongs long, and as much broad. It was and is worth 5 shillings. The same (Bruning) held it freely. FromT(urchil), R. de Olgi holds in DERCE- LAI [? Dosthill] 6 2 hides in pledge (in uadim'). There is land for 3 ploughs. There are 7 villeins with 2 ploughs, and 2 serfs, and a mill worth (de) 32 pence, and 10 acres of meadow ; wood(land) 2 furlongs long and as much broad. It was worth 30 shillings ; now 40 shillings. Untain 8 held it. From T(urchil), Eduin holds in WITECORE [Whitacre] 7 2 hides less I virgate. There tone,' coming between Maxstoke and Elmdon, is probably like them in Coleshill Hundred. I have no doubt that, coming as it does next to Elmdon, it is that Marston which Dugdale divides into Wavers Marston (now Marston Hall) and Marston Culi (now Marston Green). The only other Marston in Coleshill (now Hemlingford) Hundred is Lea Marston, and, as will appear, I take that to be represented in Domesday by the two ' Merstones ' which, as mentioned above, were held by Robert de Olgi and Robert Dispensator. None of the Hemlingford Hundred Marstons was important enough to appear by name in the Subsidy Roll of I Edward III. Lea Marston appears as ' La Lee juxta Kingsbury.'

  • This is Dugdale's identification and is, I sup-

pose, correct. Turchil's descendants the Ardens afterwards had an interest in it. It is now a farm in Sutton Coldfield on the border of Curdworth. B This is also Dugdale's identification, and also, I think, correct. He says that the name is spelled in later documents Derteulla (? for Derceulla) and Derchetull. Also the de la Laundes had an interest in it, and they were descendants of Chetel- bern who was doubtless a relation of Turchil. Further, however, the Marmions subsequently had an interest here as they had in Barston (Bertane- stone) which also Domesday records as held by R. de Olgi in pledge. Dosthill is a village in Kings- bury parish. 6 Untain seems a curious name. I suggest that it is a mis-reading of ' un' (= unus) tainus.' ('Unton,' however, is met with below. J.H.R.) 7 Whitacre appears twice in the Warwickshire Domesday as ' Witecore,' once as ' Witacre,' and once in the Northamptonshire Domesday as 'Wit- acre.' There are recorded in the two ' Witecores ' a hidage of 2^ hides, and in the two 'Witacres' I hide. I therefore think that this ' Witecore ' re- presents part of Nether Whitacre which is larger than Over Whitacre. Dugdale assigns all three entries to Nether Whitacre, but I think that 2^ (= half 5) hides and I hide are the probable allocation of the total. 319