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THE HOLDERS OF LANDS The same Lewin holds 2 hides and half a virgate of land in FLECHENHO [Flecknoe]. l There is land for 2 ploughs. There is I with 2 villeins and i bordar and 6 acres of meadow. It was worth 10 shillings ; now 2O shillings. This estate Lewin said that he holds of Bishop Ulstan ; but the bishop failed him in (his) plea, whereby the same Lewin is at (in) the king's mercy.* Ordric holds of the king I hide in ETEDONE [Eatington]. 3 This is waste. Goduin holds of the king I hide in COR- NELIE [Corley]. 4 There is land for 2 ploughs. In the demesne is i, and 3 serfs ; and (there are) 4 villeins and 2 bordars with 2 ploughs. There are 6 acres of meadow. (There is) Wood(land) having in length the fourth part of a league, and in breadth the fourth part of half a league. It was worth 10 shillings ; now 30 shillings. The same Goduin held it freely T.R.E. XLV. THE LAND OF THE WIFE OF HUGH DE GRENTEMAISNIL Adeliz wife of Hugh holds of the king 4 hides in MILDENTONE [Middleton]. 5 There i The particulars here given as to this estate arc (except that the value ' post ' is not given) exactly the same as those stated in the entry under the Bishop of Worcester's estates, where Lewin is said to hold under the Bishop. I therefore take it that these two are duplicate entries referring to the same estate. That being so it appears that Lewin held (or claimed to hold) one half of the place (viz. z hides and half a virgate + l| hides = 3J hides and half a virgate), and Turchil held one half (viz. I hide and half a virgate + 2^ hides, = 3$ hides and half a virgate). Lewin would seem to have been Turchil's uncle. See Introduction, p. 296. 3 Eatington in a former entry was rubricated as in .' Tremelau ' Hundred. It is mentioned four times in Domesday Book ; the first entry assigning I hide to ' Fulrei ' and ' Etendone ' jointly. ' Fulrei ' [Fulready] however is merely a hamlet in Eating- ton. In the other three entries the hidages are I, 17 and I, making up altogether a 2O-hide place. Corley, appearing subsequently in Hemling- ford Hundred, was doubtless in the Domesday Hundred of ' Coleshelle.' 6 In the same way as Corley, Middleton would is land for 4 ploughs. In the demesne are i ploughs, and 3 serfs ; and (there are) 1 2 villeins and 5 bordars with 3^ ploughs. It was worth 4 pounds ; now 6 pounds. Turgot held it freely T.R.E. 8 Robert holds of the king half a hide in BERCESTONE [? Barston] 7 and there has i plough, and a mill worth (de) 20 pence. It is worth 20 shillings. Turchil held it freely. Anseis 8 holds of the king 4 hides in HERDE- BERGE [Harborough]. 9 (There is) land for 4 ploughs. There is now in the demesne I plough ; and 8 villeins with a priest and 7 bordars have 2 ploughs. There is a mill worth (tie) 1 6 pence. It was worth 10 shil- lings ; now 20 shillings. Bruning held it freely T.R.E. (MEMORANDUM. The following entries relating to Berchewelle [Berkswell], Witacre [Whitacre], Salwebrige [Sawbridge] and Wicford [possibly Whichford] occur in the Domesday of Northamp- tonshire. be in ' Coleshelle ' Hundred. This looks suspiciously like a duplicate entry of her husband's estate in Middleton, but there are differences, and we may suppose that the former tenants Pallin and Turgot enjoyed an equal division, which Hugh and his wife had continued, the husband retaining the manorial mill, and his interest in the priest's estate whatever that may have implied. It may be mentioned that Adeliz held a 'Mildentone' in Bedfordshire, but I see no reason to suspect confusion. 6 This and the next entry stand at the head of the second column and therefore come after the entry of Adeliz's estate, but they are obviously in- tended to be included among the estates of ' Richard and other thegns and sergeants of the king.' Possibly they had been overlooked. 7 I think so, and that Robert is either Robert Dispensator or Robert de Olgi, who were both con- cerned in Barston. Turchil is the former holder, and we have found his father Alwin the T.R.E. tenant of 'Bertanestone' which is undoubtedly Barston. The ' c ' may be, as often, a mistake for ' t.' Barston, which is in Hemlingford Hundred, would be in the Domesday Hundred of ' Coleshelle.' 8 This must have been the ' Ansegis ' who held under Geoffrey de ' Wirce ' in the adjoining parish of Newnham Paddox. J.H.R. 9 Harborough, as already stated, is rubricated in ' Bomelau ' Hundred. 343