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A HISTORY OF WARWICKSHIRE [NORTHANTS] (From V.C.H. Norrtaaa, vol. i.) THE LAND OF THE CHURCH OF THORNEY p. 319*, fo. 332b IN GRAVESEND HUNDRET In SALWEBRIGE [Sawbridge] Turchil holds of the abbot 5 hides. There is land for 5 ploughs. There are 12 villeins and 5 bor- dars, with 4 ploughs, and (there are) 8 acres of meadow. It was worth 50 shillings; now (it is worth) 60 shillings. THE LAND OF THE COUNT OF MELLEND p. 32gb, fo. 334 IN GRAVESEND HUNDRET The same Count of Meulan (Mellend) holds BERCHEWELLE [Berkswell 1 ] in demesne. 2 There are 4 hides. Of these he has 3 hides in demesne.* There is land for 8 ploughs. In demesne there is I (plough), and 4 serfs ; and 7 villeins, with 3 bordars, have I plough. There (are) 5 acres of meadow. Wood(land) I league in length and I league in breadth. It is worth 40 shillings. The same count holds in WITACRE [Whit- acre] half a hide (which is) waste, and it is worth 12 pence. Levenot held these lands freely T.R.E. 1 See also p. 3 1 4 above. 2 See the Domesday Note. THE LAND OF WILLIAM SON OF ANSCULF p. 3403, fo. 236 IN OPTONEGRAVE WAPENT[AKE] William, son of Malger, holds of William i hide in WAVRE [Over 3 ]. There is land for 2 ploughs. In demesne there is i (plough), with i villein. There (are) 4 acres of mea- dow. Wood(land) I furlong in length and half a furlong in breadth. It was and is worth 10 shillings. Ulwin* held it freely T.R.E. as did (the) others. THE LAND OF GILBERT DE GAND p. 34&b, fo. 22?b IN WILEBROC HUNDRET Rotbert holds of Gilbert WICFORD [Which- ford B ] . There (are) 1 5 hides. There is land for 19 ploughs. In demesne there are 4 (ploughs), and 10 serfs; and 33 villeins and 21 bordars have 15 ploughs. There (are) 2 mills rendering (de) 15 shillings, and 3 fur- longs of meadow in length, and as much in breadth. Wood(land) i furlong in length, and as much in breadth. It was worth 10 pounds ; now (it is worth) 2O pounds. Wlf held (it) freely T.R.E. 3 See note 3 on p. 309. 4 Probably his predecessor at Birmingham. J.H.R. 6 See p. 295 above. 344