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BOTANY Mrs. Russell of Kenilworth, and most of her specimens were named or confirmed by eminent authorities. The writer must acknowledge his indebtedness to the late Rev. W. W. Newbould for all his knowledge of these plates. Many MS. notes have been received from the Rev. D. C. O. Adams of the fungi found by him in the neighbourhood of Combe, Ansty and Brinklow, and the list owes much of its completeness to the indefatigable zeal of his coadjutor Mr. W. B. Grove, M.A. The classification and nomenclature is that of Fries in his very valuable Hymenomycetes Europcei. The record of the fungi of Warwick- shire is believed to be larger than that of any of the midland counties, but this is greatly due to the fact that two of the most eminent British mycologists, Withering and Purton, left behind them so excellent a record of the fungus wealth of the county. A LIST OF THE FUNGI Ord. I. AGARICIN1 Genus I. AGARICUS (L.) Sub-genus I. AMANITA (Fr.) Agaricus phalloides (Fr.) van vernus, Bull. mappa (Fr.) muscarius (L.) pantherinus (DC.) excelsus (Fr.) rubescens (Pers.) nitidus (Fr.) asper (Fr.) vaginatus (Bull.) strangulatus (Fr.) Sub-genus II. LEPIOTA (Fr.) Agaricus procerus (Scop.) - rachodes (Vitt.) excoriatus (SchaefF.) gracilentus (Kromb.) acutesquamosus (Weinm.) clypeolarius (Bull.) cristatus (Fr.) cepaestipes (Sow.) carcharias (Pers.) granulosus (Batsch.) amianthinus (Scop.) polystictus (Berk.) Sub-genus III. ARMILLARIA (Fr.) Agaricus melleus (Vahl.) ramentaceus (Bull.) Sub-genus IV. TRICHOLOMA (Fr.) Agaricus sejunctus (Sow.) portentosus (Fr.) fucatus (Fr.) spermaticus (Fr.) nictitans (Fr.) flavo-brunneus (Fr.) Agaricus albo-brunneus (Pers.) - pessundatus (Fr.) - stans (Fr.) rutilans (SchaefF.) luridus (SchaefF.) columbetta (Fr.) scalpturatus (Fr.) imbricatus (Fr.) vaccinus (Pers.) - terreus (SchaefF.) - saponaceus (Fr.) cuneifolius (Fr.) murinaceus (Bull.) virgatus (Fr.) - sulphurous (Bull.) inamcenus (Fr.) - carneus (Bull.) gambosus (Fr.) - borealis (Fr.) - albus (SchaefF.) - acerbus (Bull.) - personatus (Fr.) - nudus (Bull.) cinerascens (Bull.) grammopodius (Bull.) melaleucus (Pers.) brevipes (Bull.) humilis (Fr.) - paedidus (Fr.) Sub-genus V. CLITOCYBE (Fr.) Agaricus nebularis (Batsch.) - clavipes (Pers.) - inornatus (Sow.) - odorus (Bull.) cerussatus (Fr.) phyllophilus (Fr.) pithyophilus (Fr.) candicans (Pers.) dealbatus (Fr.) gallinaceus (Scop.) 59