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8 "Ay! ye've aft said that, and broken A your vows ten times a week, No, no, Meg! see, there's a token Glittering on my bonnet cheek. Owre the seas I march this morning, Listed, tested, sworn and a', Forced by your confounded girning- Farewell, Meg! for I'm awa'." Than poor Maggy's tears and clamour Gushed afresh, and louder grew, While the weans, wi' mournfu' yamoar, Round their sabbing mither flew. " Through the yirth I'll waunner will you- Stay, O Watty! stay at hame; Here, upon my knees, I'll gie you Ony vow ye like to name. See your poor yonng lammies pleadin' Will ye gang and break our heart? No a house to put our head in, No a friend to take our part!" Aka word came like a bullet, Watty's heart begoud to shake ; On a kist he laid his wallet, Dighted baith his een and spake. " If ance mair I cou'd by writing, Lea' the sogers and stay still, Wad youmswear to drap your flyting ?" “Yes, O Watty, yes, i will." " Then," quo Watty,"mind, be honest Aye to keep your temper strive;