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9 Gin ye break this dreadfu' promise Never mair expect to thrive. Marget Howe. this hour ye solemu Swear by everything that's gude, No'er again your spouse to scaul' him, While life warms your heart and blood. That ye'll ne'er in Mungo's seek me, Ne'er put drucken to my name, Never out at e'ening steek me, Never gloom when I came hame. That yell ne'er, like Bessy Miller, Kick my shins or rug my hair, Lastly, I'm to keep the siller ; This upon your soul you swear "O-h!" quo' Meg; "aweel, quo' Watty, " Farewell! faith I'll try the seas :" " O stand still," quo' Meg, and grat aye : " Ony, ony way ye please." Maggy syne, because he prest her, Swore to a' thing owre again : Watty lap, and danced, and kist her; Wow! but he was wondrous fair Down he threw his staff victorious ; Aff gaed bonnet, claes and shoon), ne below the blankets, glorious, Hold anither Hinney-Moon !