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as to their ancestry; oblivious to that greatest of all honors. Truly the bodies have descended from the ancient world, but the brains hold not its wisdom. The learning of old Egypt has long since departed from the minds of the fair race."

The dark head looked at Carol, frowning.

"But surely, you must have known that you are descended from the great Hatshepsut; that your distant fathers had been kings in the halls of Kemi, live thousand years before Troy was founded?"

"And how was she to know?" demanded Bob Terry. "You yourself have admitted in this cock-and-bull story that the Queen ruled Egypt over thirty-four centuries ago. No one can truthfully trace his ancestry to such distant antiquity' — it's ridiculous."

"Your mother was Egyptian," reminded Zola.

"And yours French," countered the Englishman. "But does that necessarily relate you to Joan of Arc?"

"Bah! that is all beside the point."

Weird Tales, Jul 1937 p 71

"This then was the dread pit so feared by the inmates of the castle."