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Volume 30 CONTENTS FOR JULY, 1937 Number 1
Cover Design Virgil Finlay
Illustrating a scene in "The Thief of Forthe"
The Thief of Forthe Clifford Ball 2
The story of a thief who coveted a kingdom, and the appalling secret of an old magician
To Virgil Finlay H. P. Lovecraft 17
Verse, written on seeing Mr. Finlay's illustration for "The Faceless God"
Jail-break Paul Ernst 18
The aftermath of Littell's escape from prison was far worse than the prison itself
The Whistling Corpse G. G. Pendarves 26
A gripping weird novelette of the sea, by the author of "The Eighth Green Man"
To Howard Phillips Lovecraft Clark Ashton Smith 48
Verse, a memorial tribute to a supreme master of weird and outre literature
Raider of the Spaceways Henry Kuttner 49
A startling weird-scientific story about a vampiric entity on the Night Side of the planet Venus
The Last Pharaoh (part 3) Thomas P. Kelley 68
A story of the weird doom that enmeshed two lovers in a castle of gloom on the African coast
The Ocean Ogre Dana Carroll 94
A tale of the thing called Alain Gervais that came aboard a ship at sea
The Interview H. Sivia 100
An astonishing surprize awaited the young reporter when he returned to his newspaper's city room
The Creeper in the Crypt Robert Bloch 104
A tale of stark horror in the dread cellar of an evil house in legend-haunted Arkham
Weird Story Reprint:
The Hounds of Tindalos
Frank Belknap Long, Jr. 111
An eery tale reprinted from WEIRD TALES of eight years ago
The Eyrie 122
The readers discuss the merits and demerits of this magazine