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  On December 2nd, 1911. their Majesties the King-Emperor and the Queen-Empress arrived in Bombay by the Royal Yacht "Medina" and received a most enthusiastic reception.
  Their Majesties were presented with an address of welcome by the Bombay Corporation, to which His Majesty made the following reply, which will live long in the memories of the Indian people :
  "You have rightly said that I am no stranger among you, and I can heartily respond that I feel myself no stranger in your beautiful city. Six years ago I arrived, indeed, as a new-comer, but the recollection of your cordial and sympathetic greeting is still fresh in my memory. The wondrous aspect disclosed by the approach to your shores, the first glimpse of the palms rising as it were from the bosom of the sea, have not been forgotten, and have lost none of their fascination for me. From Bombay I set forth in 1905, encouraged by your affectionate welcome, to traverse at any rate a part of this vast country, and to strive to gain some knowledge of its people. Such knowledge as I acquired could not but deepen my sympathy with all races and creeds, and when through the lamented death of my beloved father I was called to the Throne of my ancestors, one of my first and most earnest desires was to revisit my good subjects in India.
  "It is with feelings of no common emotion that I find myself here again to-day with the Queen-Empress at my side