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and that desire fulfilled. And I come with a heart full of gratitude that the anxiety due to a threatened scarcity in certain areas of the Presidency has, thanks to favourable and opportune rains, been happily dispelled, and that there is every prospect of your land being blessed with a good spring harvest.
  "Your eloquent Address has recalled to me that Bombay was once the dowry of a British Queen. As such Humphrey Cook took it over 250 years ago, a mere fishing village. You, gentlemen, and your forerunners, have made it a jewel of the British Crown. I see again with joy the rich setting of its beautiful and stately buildings. I note also the less conspicuous, but also more profitable, improvements lately effected; but above all, I recognise with pride your efforts to heighten what must always be the supreme lustre of such a jewel as this, the peace, happiness, and prosperity of all classes of the citizens.
  "From my heart I thank you for the generous reception accorded to the Queen-Empress and myself to-day. We earnestly pray that God's blessing may rest upon our Indian Empire and that peace and prosperity may be ever vouchsafed to its people."
  His Majesty having read his speech, Lady Mehta presented a beautiful bouquet to Her Majesty. The members of the Bombay Corporation were then presented to the King-Emperor.


  In accordance with His Majesty's gracious Proclamation of 22nd March, 1911, he made his State Entry into Delhi, accompanied by Her. Majesty the Queen-Empress, on the morning of 7th December.
  The Proclamation was:
  "Whereas upon the death of our late Sovereign of happy memory, King Edward, upon the sixth day of May in the year of Our Lord one thousand, nine hundred and ten, we did ascend the Throne under the style and title of George the