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loyal subjects. The procession, which included the Governors and Lieutenant-Governors of Provinces, and the Ruling Chiefs with their escorts, was a most brilliant spectacle.
  The Hon'ble Sir John Jenkins presented an Address to Their Majesties as they arrived at the historic Ridge. This was on behalf of the Supreme Legislative Council. His Majesty replied as follows:
  "In the name of the Queen-Empress and on my own behalf I heartily thank you for your loyal and dutiful Address, the words of which have deeply touched us.
  "They recall those countless messages of affectionate devotion which India, in common with all parts of my Dominions, greeted us on our Coronation in England, and which have been repeated by all classes and creeds of my Indian subjects since our arrival in your country.
  "I know from my Governor-General what strength and support he receives from the wise experience of the members of his Legislative Council, the chosen representatives of British India.
  "We much appreciate the welcome you offer us on behalf of its peoples. Rest assured that there is no wish nearer to our hearts than that, in the words of your Address, the Indian Empire may continue steadily to advance in the ways of peace, prosperity and contentment."
  On the afternoon of the same day, and on the two succeeding days, His Majesty received the Indian Chiefs who came to do homage to him.


  On the afternoon of Friday, December 8th, His Majesty proceeded, with the Queen-Empress, to unveil the statue of his late Majesty, Edward VII, which had been erected between the Fort and the Jumma Musjid. and the cost of which had been defrayed by subscriptions from all over India.
  In reply to an Address read by His Excellency the Viceroy, His Majesty said: