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  "The Address which you have just read has touched my heart and awakened memories of what we all, and I most of all, owe to my dear lather, the late King-Emperor. He was the first of my House to visit India, and it was by his command that I came six short years ago to this great and wonderful land. Alas! little did we then think how soon we should have to mourn his loss.
  "You tell me that this Memorial represent the contributions, not only of a few who may have had the privilege of personal acquaintance with my lather, but of thousands of his and my people in India. 1 am glad to know that the deep and abiding concern which he felt for India has met with so warm a response from the hearts of her children.
  "I rejoice to think that this statue will stand a noble monument on a beautiful and historic site to remind generations yet unborn of your loyal affection and of his sympathy and trust, sentiments which, please God, always will be traditional between India and the members of my House."
  On the afternoon of the next day, December 9th, Their Majesties attended the semi-final matches of the Durbar Polo Tournament, and the final match of the Durbar Football Tournament. On the same evening Their Majesties attended the Tattoo by the massed bands on the Polo Ground.
  Sunday, December 10th, was duly observed in the Royal Camp. Their Majesties attended an open air service in the Military Camp.
  On Monday, December 11th, His Majesty the King-Emperor presented new colours to eight British Regiments and two Indian Regiments, with all due ceremony. On the afternoon of the same day Their Majestic- attended the final match in the Polo Tournament.


  On Tuesday, December, 12th, the Durbar was held on the site of Lord Lytton's Assemblage of 1877 and the Durbar of 1903. The Durbar Amphitheatre contained some twelve thousand seats and accommodated the Governors, Lieutenant-