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that is in it thither with thee. No, no, says he, the shepherds in Scotland will dispute with any bishop in London, and exceed them very far in education. The bishops then took this as an affront, and several noble- men affirmed it to be as the Scot had said : bets were laid on each side, and three of the bishops were chosen, and sent away to Scotland to dispute it with the shep- herds, accompanied with several others, who were to bear witness of what they should hear pass between them. Now, George knowing which way they went, immediately took another road and was in Scotland before them. He then made an acquaintance with a shopherd on the border whose pasture lay on the way- side where the bishops were to pass : and there he mounted himself in shepherd's dress: and when he saw the bishops appear, he conveyed his flock to the roadside, and fell a chanting at a Latin ballad. When the bishops came up to George, one of them asked him in French what o'clock it was? To which he answered, in Hebrew, it is directly about the time of the day it was yesterday at this time. Another asked him, in Greek, what countryman he was? To which he an- swered, in Flemish, if yo know that, you would be as wise as myself. A third asked him, in Dutch, where was you educated ? To which he answered, in Earse, herding my sheep between this and Lochabor. This they desired him to explain into English, which he immediately did. Now, said they ono to another, we need not proceed any farther. What, says George, are you butchers ? I'll sell you a few sheep. To this they made no answer, but went away shamefully, and said, they believed the Scots had been through all the nations in the world for their education, or the devil had taught them. Now, when George had ended this dispute with the bishops, he stripped off his shepherd's dress