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and up through England he goes, with all the haste imaginable, so that he arrived at the place from whence they set out, three days before the judges, and wont every day asking if they were come, so that he might net be suspected. As soon as they arrived, all that were concerned in the dispute, and many more, camo crowding in, to hear what news from the Scottish shepherds, and to know what was done. No sooner had the three gentlemen declared what had past be- tween the bishops and the shepherds, whom they found on the Scots border, but the old bishop made answer, and think you, said he, that a shepherd could answer those questions? It has been none else but the devil ; for the Scots ministers themselves could not do it ; they are but ignorant of such matters, a parcel of beardless boys. Then George thought it was time to take speech in hand. Well, my lord bishop, says George, you call them a parcel of ignorant beardless boys. You have a great long beard yourself, my lord bishop, and if grace were measured by beards, you bishops and the goats would have it all, and that will be quite averse to Scripture. What, says the bishop, are you a Scot? Yes, says George, I am a Scot. Well, says the bishop, and what is the difference between a Scot and a set? Nothing at present, says George, but the breadth of the table, there being a table betwixt the bishop and George. So the bishop went off in a high passion, while the whole multitude were like to split their jaws with laughter. 2. About this time there was an act of parliament for the benefit of murderers, that any person, who com- mitted murder, if they forfeited five hundred marks, which went under the name of Kinbeot, because, so much of this went to the murdered person's nearest relations, as the price of blood, the murderer got a