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remit. Now George knowing this to be contrary to Moses' laws, and was very much grieved to see so many pardons scaled by the king's hand for murder, almost ono every week; it being so usual for the king to sub- scribe thee, that he would not read them, nor enquire what they were; for which cause, George writes a writ to the crown, and sent it to the king to be subscribed, which he actually did, and never looked what it was, returned it to George. No sooner had he received it, but he goes to the king and told him it was not time for him to be sitting there, whereat, the king greatly amazed, started up; then George in great haste, sets himself down in the king's chair, forth with declaring himself king, saying, you who was king must be my fool, for I am now the wisest man. The king at this was greatly offended, until George showed him his seal and superseription. But from that day forth, the king know what he subscribed. 3. The next pardon that camo to be sealed by the king, was a gentleman who had killed two mon before, and had got pardons for them by money. This boing the third, the king was very silent in looking over the petition : George standing by, asked the king what he was going to seal now? To which he answered, it is a remit for a man who has killed three men at sundry times, I gave him two remits before. O! says George ; ho has killed but one man. And who killed the other two ? says the king. You did, says George, for if you had given him justice when he had killed the first, he had killed no more. When the king heard these words he throw down the pen, and declared that such an act to save a murderer, should be null over after by him. 4. One day, George having no money, he goes away and gets a pick and a spade, and thon falls a digging at a corner of the king's palace; which the king perceiving