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from his window, calls what he was wanting there? Are you going to undermine my house, and make it fall? No, my sovereign, says George, but it is verily reported that there is plenty of money about this house. and where can it be? says George, I cannot find it, for it is not within the house to do me service, then surely it must be below it. O George, says the king, that is a crave after the new fashion, what money you want I'll order for you. Thon, my sovereign, says George, I'll dig no more. 5. One time George being in the country, he came to an inn, where he alighted to refresh himself and his horse. The innkeeper charged him double price for every thing he called for.-George never grumbled at this, but gave him all demands, and away be goes on his journey. At the inn where he quartered the fol. lowing night be was used after the same manner, if not Having little farther to go, he returned next day, and came that night to the inn where he refresh- ed himself the day before. So, when he alighted, the boy asked him what he would give his horse? What you will, said he. When he had gone to his room, the waiter enquired what he would have to drink? What you will, says he. "The master of the inn came into his room before supper, and enquired what he would have for supper? What you will landlord, says he. After supper, and a hearty bowl to put all over, he went to bed. On the morrow, he rose very early, and called for the boy to make ready his horse in all haste, for he was designed to mount and go directly. Soon after, he went into the stable where the boy was, calling for his horse, when he mounted with all the speed he could, and gave the boy a piece of money, saying, here my boy, this is for taking care of my horse; I have paid for all I have ordered in the house, and off' he worse.