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Mr George Buchanan was a Scotsman born, and though of mean parentage, made great progress in learning. As for his understanding and ready wit he excelled all men then alive in the age, that ever pro- posed questions to him. He was servant or teacher to king James the VI., and one of his private coun- sellors; but publicly acted as his fool.

1. It happened one day that a young airy nobleman went into the king's garden to pull a flower for a young lady he fancied; George followed at a distance, so when the young man found a flower he fancied, he would not pull it himself, but to find it again, without farther search, he covered it with his hat and went away for his sweetheart. No sooner was he gone, but up goes George, lifts his hat, and pulls the flower, then eases himself on the spot, covers it with the hat again, and away he goes. Soon after, the young gentleman returned, loading his sweetheart to pull the flower below the hat; but as soon as he lifted the hat, and saw what was below it, he looked like a fool; and the