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man; ed. private teachers at home; m. 1896, Maurice Campbell; children: George Crosman, Maurice Crosman. Went on the stage at 16 years of age; was with Bartler Campbell's White Slave Co.; later played leads with Robert Downing; was with the Lyceum Co., Augustin Daly's Co., and with Charles Frohman; in 1900 began as star, under her husband's management, in One of Our Girls, by Bronson Howard. Since then has continued in various plays, including Mistress Nell, The Sword of the King, Sweet Kitty Bellairs (which ran for two years), Madeline Nance Oldfleld, Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary, All-of-a-Sudden Peggy, The Christian Pilgrim. Favors woman suffrage.

CAMPBELL, Jane, 413 W. School House Lane, Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa.

Writer, lecturer; b. Philadelphia; dau. John and Margaret (Hughes) Campbell; grad. Girls' High and Normal School of Philadelphia, Has lectured before many clubs in Pa., N.J. and Del. on woman suffrage, English and German literature, Danish folk songs, songs and ballads of the Am. Revolution, historic songs and ballads of Ireland, Philadelphia music, Colonial music, songs of the War of 1812, songs of the Civil War, old minstrel songs, historic trees, historic churches, Philadelphia mansions, Philadelphia In 1830. Sec. of Am. Catholic Historical Soc.; historian of Site and Relic Soc. of Germantown; mem. of the Exec. Council of City History Soc. of Philadelphia; librarian of English Library E. de M.; officer and mem. of Exec. Board of Pa. Woman Suffrage Ass'n. Has written many historical articles published in Philadelphia Sunday Record, poems, stories, essays in Wide Awake, Golden Days, The Continent, Puck and other periodicals; editor of Woman's Progress; contributor to various club magazines. Mem. Audubon Soc., St. Vincent's Aid Soc, Mercantile Library, New Century Club, Civic Club; hon. mem. of Wednesday Club. Recreations: Music, collecting Philadelphia pictures (has a large and valuable collection). Catholic. Favors woman suffrage. Cor. sec. of Pa. Woman Suffrage Ass'n; pres. of Woman Suffrage Soc. of the County of Philadelphia for 20 years; has been for last six years Pa. representative on the Exec. Com. of the Am. Woman Suffrage Ass'n.

CAMPBELL, Leona Pelton (Mrs. James McD. Campbell), Oregon St., Huron, S.D.

Born Lowville, N.Y., Dec. 18, 1879; dau. John Northum and Mary Louise (Boshart) Pelton; ed. Minneapolis schools; Univ. of Minnesota; grad. from Minneapolis Kindergarten Training School, 1902 (mem. Kappa Kappa Gamma); m. Minneapolis, June 4, 1903, James McD. Campbell; one daughter: Mary Alice Campbell. Interested in work of the Protestant Episcopal Church. Mem. Monday Musical Club, Mothers' Club.

CAMPBELL, Mary Edith, 3550 Reading Road, Cincinnati, O.

Director Schmidlapp Bureau; b. Ripley, O., Dec. 27. 1875; dau. William Byington and Mary (Leavitt) Campbell; grad. Univ. of Cincinnati, B.A. '01, M.A. '06. Engaged as instructor in economics, Univ. of Cincinnati, 1906-08, then engaged to take charge of the Schmidlapp Fund for Girls, which she developed into the Schmidlapp Bureau for securing employment for girls and women. Has attained national prominence in vocational work; first woman ever elected to Cincinnati Board of Education, in which has served since 19H. Presbyterian. Mem. Cincinnati College Club.

CAMPBELL, Mary Isabella McPherson (Mrs. Nathan Warner Campbell), 1836 Calumet Av., Chicago, Ill.

Born Mumford, N.Y., Dec. 29, 1855; dau. John Finlay and Jennette (Eraser) McPherson; grad. Ingham Univ., A.B.; m. Dec. 22, 1881, Nathan Warner Campbell; one son: Donald McPherson Campbell (deceased). Life mem. and trustee of Woman's Presbyterian Board of Missions of Northwest (Chicago); manager of Y.W.C.A. of Chicago. Favors woman suffrage. Author: Madagascar; A Brochure on Missions. Presbyterian. Republican. Mem. Woman's Home Missionary Soc, Woman's Foreign Missionary Soc., the Fortnightly (Chicago).

CAMPBELL, Mattie Ormsby (Mrs. William Aulls Campbell), 19 Northwestern Av., Muskegon, Mich.

Teacher; b. Woodstock, Ill., June 1, 1861; dau. William Morgan and Lucia (Bunker) Ormsby; grad. Cook Co. Normal School (Chicago), 1879; Univ. of Mich., B.S. '82 (associate mem. Alpha Epsilon Iota Sorority); m. 1882, Dr. William Aulls Campbell; one daughter: Lois Lucia Campbell (now Mrs. Steere). Taught eight years; was sup't of Gladstone (Mich.) public schools. Sunday-school sup't and teacher. Chairman Educational Com. of Woman's Club. Has addressed women's clubs in Mich. at various places. Interested in federation of clubs. Favors woman suffrage. Author of children's stories and verses, outing stories, educational articles; has assisted in writing text-books and forming school libraries. Presbyterian. Mem. Collegiate Alumnae Ass'n (mem. exec, board); sec. Univ. of Mich. Alumnae Ass'n (Ann Arbor); treas. Univ. of Mich. Alumnae Ass'n (Muskegon); mem. Audubon Soc., Soc. for Prevention of Cruelty. Recreations: Reading along educational lines, watercolor painting, writing children's verses and stories. Mem. Tuesday Club (Ann Arbor); pres. Muskegon Woman's Club.

CAMPBELL, Stella Bogue (Mrs. Andrew Thomson Campbell, Jr.), 271 Midland Av., Montclair, N.J.

Graduate Smith Coll., B.A. '91; N.Y. Univ., LL.B. '98; m. 1898, Andrew Thomson Campbell Jr. (died Jan. 24, 1908); children: Avis, b. May 7, 1899; Catharine, b. Nov. 16, 1901.

CAMPBELL, Viola Vaille Barnes (Mrs. David Allen), 116 S. Michigan Av., Chicago, Ill.

Editor of Musical Monitor; b. Plattsmouth, Neb.; dau. John W. and Martha D. (Gage) Barnes; ed. Ladies' Sem., Mt. Pleasant; musical education, Chicago, New York and London; m. Plattsmouth, Neb., June 28, 1882, David Allen Campbell; children: James P. Newton, Paul. Teacher of voice, concert singer and editor of Musical Monitor, organ of Nat. Fed. of Musical Clubs, of which is charter mem. and hon. vice-pres. Presbyterian.

CAMPION, Marguerite, 179 Summit Av., Upper Montclair, N.J.

Teacher, editor; b. Philadelphia, Pa., 1884; dau. John W. and Camilla Farr (Charter) Campion; ed. Swarthmore Coll., A.B. '04 (Kappa Alpha Theta). Employed in editorial work with Ladies Home Journal, 1904-05; teacher in Swarthmore Preparatory School and in public schools of Montclair, N.J. Author of several short stories, general articles. Mem. Ethical Soc. of Philadelphia. Favors woman suffrage.

CANAVAN, Myrtelle May Moore (Mrs. James Francis Canavan), Boston State Hospital, Boston, Mass.

Physician; b. St Johns, Mich., June 24, 1879; dau. Richard Avery and Kate Gulia Elma (Young) Moore; ed. Mich. Agricultural Coll., Lansing, Mich.; Univ. of Mich.; Woman's Med. Coll. of Pa., M.D. '05 (mem. Kappa Kappa Gamma and Zeta Phi); m. Philadelphia, May 17, 1905, Dr. James Francis Canavan (died July 26, 1907). Appointed pathologist to Boston State Hospital, 1910; appointed med. examiner to Wellesley Coll., 1908. Has written reports of cases of interest in connection with hospital hygiene, pathology, bacteriology and psychiatry. Mem. Assembly Club of Boston. Favors woman suffrage.

CANBY, Marion Gause (Mrs. Henry Seidel Canby), 105 East Rock Road, New Haven, Conn.

Born Wilmington, Del., Aug. 11, 1885; dau. Harry Taylor Gause (Ph.B., Yale, '79) and Virginia (Ingersoll) Gause; ed. privately; m. June 15, 1907, Henry Seidel Canby; one son: Edward Tatnall Canby, b. Feb. 28, 1912. Mem. advisory board Leila Day Nursery, and various charitable and social organizations in New Haven and Wilmington, Del. Presbyterian. Mem. Connecticut Soc for Social Hygiene, Conn. Soc. for Mental Hygiene. Mem. New Haven Lawn Club.