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CANDA, Ida Hammond Holmes (Mrs. Charles A. Canda), 564 Westminster Av., Elizabeth, N.J.

Born Ridgefield, N.J., Jan. 11, 1867; dau. Charles Bassett and Sarah B. (Hammond) Holmes; ed. by private instruction and in schools; private pupil in music of Dr. William Mason, Edward A. McDowell and Edward M. Bowman of N.Y. City; m. Brooklyn, N.Y., April 5, 1905, Charles A. Canda. Against woman suffrage. Presbyterian. Recreations: Automobiling, music, walking. Charter mem. and first pres. of Brooklyn Pianists' Club.

CANDEE, Annie Chunn (Mrs. Nehemiah Candee), 53 Bayview Av., South Norwalk, Conn.

Born Chaptico, Md.; dau. Mark B. and Annie (Dent) Chunn; ed. public schools in Maryland and Washington, D.C.; Md. State Normal School; special course at Yale Univ.; m. New Haven, Conn., 1901, Nehemiah Candee (lawyer); children: Mark Chunn, Marjorie Dent, Dorothy Caroline. Contributor of stories, articles and verse to Youth's Companion, Little Folks, Children's Magazine, Lippincott's, Cavalier, Every Month, Brown Book, N.Y. Sunday Herald, Ladies' Home Journal, Holland's, etc. Baptist. Mem. Scribblers' Club of New Haven, Woman's Municipal League of South Norwalk, Conn. Opposed to woman suffrage.

CANDEE, Helen Churchill (Mrs. E. C. Candee), 1718 Rhode Island Av., Washington, D.C.

Author; b. N.Y. City, Oct. 5, 1863; dau. Henry and Mary (Churchill) Hungerford; ed. New Haven, Conn, (attended the first kindergarten in this country—under Rose Porter); m. Norwalk, Conn., 1890, E. C. Candee; children: Harold C, Edith C. Survivor of the wreck of the Titanic, April 15, 1912. Mem. Ladies' Board of Children's Hospital, Washington. Author: An Oklahoma Romance, 1902; Styles and Periods in Decoration, 1906; The Tapestry Book, 1912; short stories for magazines. Mem. National Fed. of Arts, National Civic Fed. Clubs: Riding of Washington, Chevy Chase. Favors woman suffrage.

CANDEE, Marion Otis, 45 South Hamilton St., Poughkeepsie, N.Y.

Teacher, kindergartner; b. Poughkeepsie, N.Y.; ed. in schools of Poughkeepsie, N.Y.; Vassar Coll., A.B. '94; Albany Normal Coll., Pd.B., '06. Teacher Bellows Falls, Vt. 1895-97; Morristown, N.J., 1898-99; since 1909 has conducted a private kindergarten in Poughkeepsie, N.Y.

CANFIELD, Elizabeth Norton (Mrs. Thomas H. Canfield), Lake Park, Minn.

Born Wincoski, Vt., Oct. 9, 1874; dau. John Wright and Mary Frances (Pease) Norton; grad. Univ. of Vt., B.A. (Phi Beta Kappa) '96 (mem. Kappa Alpha Theta); m. Albany, N.Y., Dec. 29, 1898, Thomas H. Canfield; children: Katherine, Thomas 3d, David, Donald, Margaret. Trained as librarian at State Library School at Albany, N.Y., 1896-97. Episcopalian. Recreations: Tennis, automobiling.

CANFIELD, Nellie Heth, 2031 East 96th St., Cleveland, Ohio.

Teacher; b. Poughkeepsie, N.Y.; ed. in schools of Poughkeepsie, N.Y., and Vassar Coll., A.B. '87. Teacher in Middletown, N.Y., 1887-88; Chicago, Ill., 1888-90; since 1890 in the Central High School of Cleveland, Ohio.

CANNON, Annie Jump, 291 Huron Av., Cambridge, Mass.

Astronomer; b. Dover, Del., Dec. 11, 1863; dau. Wilson Lee and Mary E. (Jump) Cannon; ed. Wilmington Conference Acad., Dover, Del., '80, Wellesley Coll., B.S. '84, M.A. '07, special work in astronomy at Radcliffe Coll., 1896-97; Harvard Coll. Observatory, 1898-11; curator astronomical photographs, Harvard Coll. Observatory, 1911-. Has discovered 150 variable stars, 3 new stars and other peculiar objects, such as spectroscopic binaries and stars having bright lines in their spectra, and has made the classification of stellar spectra which is accepted as the standard by astronomers throughout the world. Author of various volumes of the Annals of Harvard Coll. Observatory, such as classifications of stars by means of their spectra and discussions of variable stars; now engaged upon the determination of the class of spectrum of all the stars down to the eighth magnitude in the entire sky. The results will form a catalogue of more than 100,000 stars. Mem. M.E. Church. Chairman of Observatory and Fellowship Committees of the Nantucket Maria Mitchell Ass'n. Mem. Astronomical and Astrophysical Soc. of America, Boston College Club, Boston Wellesley College Club, Wellesley Shakespeare Soc, Ass'n of Coll. Alumnae. Recreations: Walking, music.

CAPEN, Anne, 51 Highland Av., Haverhill, Mass.

Born Boston; dau. Edward Capen (librarian philanthropist, first librarian of Boston Public Library, later started Haverhill Public Library on invitation of E. J. M. Howe, who endowed it), and Anne (Saville) Capen; mem. of original Dorchester (Colonial) Capen family; ed. Everett Grammar School, Haverhill High School, Smith Coll. B.A., post-graduate course, Cornell Univ., later studied abroad. Has been college prep. tutor, editor, essayist critic. Unitarian. Vice-pres. Woman's Alliance. Mem. Woman's Club of Haverhill; sec.-treas. Hosford Club; mem. (former pres.) College Club.

CAPEN, Chanie A. (Mrs. Charles A. Capen), 727 Main St., Willimantic, Conn.

President State Federation; b. Hartford, Conn., 1843; dau. Samuel B. and Lemira (Little) Fuller; ed. in private acad., East Hartford, and High School, Hampton, Conn.; self-educated aside from this; m. Willimantic, Conn., Charles A. Capen. Pres. for years of Willimantic Woman's Club, also of Needlework Guild; pres. of Conn. State Fed. of Women's Clubs; has given literary talks at different times. Fond of amateur theatricals; still acts as coach occasionally; has dramatized, in a simple way, Lady Baltimore, and Lady Rose's Daughter, for local use. Congregationalist. Against woman suffrage.

CAPEN, Mary Warren, 38 Greenough Av., Jamaica Plain, Mass.

Born Boston, Mass., April 18, 1874: dau. Samuel Billings and Helen M. (Warren) Capen; ed. Wellesley Coll., B.A. '98; mem. Agora (a society local to Wellesley). Officially connected with Suffolk Branch of Woman's Board of Missions, Woman's Home Missionary Ass'n, Wellesley Chapter of College Settlements Ass'n. Congregationalist. Mem. College Club (Boston), Boston Branch of Ass'n of Collegiate Alumnae, Mass. Soc. of Mayflower Descendants, Jamaica Plain Tuesday Club. Mem. Ass'n of Collegiate Alumnae; sec. and treas. Boston branch 1902-04; director Boston branch, 1904-06; chairman of Membership Com. of Nat. Ass'n, 1904-06: pres. Boston Wellesley College Club, 1910-12.

CAPERTON, Helena Trench Lefroy (Mrs. Clifford Randolph Caperton), Kilmorony, R.F.D. No. 2, Westhampton, Richmond, Va.

Born Richmond, Va., Aug. 18, 1878; dau. Jeffry Arthur and Sallie Watson (Montague) Lefroy; grad. from Miss Augusta T. Daniel's private school, 1896; awarded two gold medals for essays and English literature; m. Richmond, Va., Nov. 17, 1897, Clifford Randolph Caperton; children: Arthur Lefroy, Rose Gaston, Helena Minna, Sarah Montague, Mary Clifford, Harriette Alexander, Melinda Montague. Mem. of St. Stephen's Episcopal Church; interested in charity work. Mem. Colonial Dames of America in State of a., Daughters of Confederacy, Country Club of Va. Mem. Richmond Educational Soc. Recreations: Gardening, farming, poultry raising, golfing, dancing, visiting in England, Ireland, London season, Dublin Horse Show, yachting on Irish Coast, shooting pheasants at camp in autumn in W.Va. Episcopalian.

CAPLES, Grace Stelle (Mrs. Byron M. Caples), Waukesha, Wis.

Journalist; b. Beloit, Wis.; dau. Oliver Benjamin and Lucy Page (Woods) Stelle; ed. Baltimore, also Wooster Univ., O.; m. Milwaukee, Mar. 23, 1901, Byron McBride Caples, M.D.; one daughter: Lucy Margaret. Washington (D.C.) journalist; correspondent for N.Y. Herald, Philadelphia Inquirer, Baltimore Sun; on staff, Washington Post, editing woman's page. Chairman Public Health Committee; Wis. Federation of Women's Clubs.