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��1894. Interested In socinl hygiene, civics, pure politics, sanitation, equal suffrage, social better- ment, peace, National Junior Republic. Author: Women as Factors in Industrial Competition; International Arbitration; International Arbitra- tion Article In Bliss Encyclopedia; industrial Ex- periments in the British Colonies of North America.; War From the Staudpoint of Sugenlcs. Mem. Am. tlictorioil Ass'n, History Teachers' Ass'n of Middle States and Md., History Teachers' Ass'n of Md., Md. Peace 3oc., Md. Soc. for Social Hygiene, Women's Civic League ot Bi>Ui- more. Educational Soc. of Baltimore, (^o-jturxiers' League, Ass'n of Collegiate Altimage, Southern Ass'n of College Women, Smith Coil. Alumnse Ass'n, Br/n Mawr Coll. Alumn» Ass'n, College Club of Baltimore. Recreations: Tenaie, efwim- ming, riding, music. Congregatlonallst. Favors woman suSrage; mem. Coll. Equal Suffrage League, Just Grovemment League of Baltimore.

LORD, Isabel Ely, 176 Emerson PL, Brooklyn,


Director School of Household Science and Arts, Pratt Inst., Brooklyn, N.Y.; b. Saybrook, Conn., Feb. 7, 1871; dau. Henry Sill and Eliza- beth Alice (Ely) Lord; grad. Hartford Public High School, '87; N.Y. State Library School, B.L.S. '97; graduate work Bryn Mawr Coll., 1897-1900. Librarian Bryn Mawr Coll., 1897-1903; librarian Pratt Inst. Free Library, 1903-10. Associate Girls' Friendly Soc. (elected mem. of Central Council). Author of professional papers and articles. Episcopalian. Favors woman suf- frage. Mem. several library ass'ns (including life membership in Am. Library Ass'n), N.Y. State Home Economics Ass'n, Am. Home Eco- nomics Ass'n, Home Economics Ass'n of Greater N.Y. (pres. 1912-13). Mem. Women's Cosmo- politan Club, N.Y. City.

LORD, Katharine, 19 W. Ninth St., N.T. City.

Writer; dau. Loren Blxby and Sarah Evelyn (Kennedy) Lord; ed. Wellesley, A.B. '95; Bryn Mawr, grad. study; S'nakespeare Soc, Wellesley. Director Greenwich House Handicraft School, 1905-11; conductor several out-door pageants, etc., N.Y.; chairman of Arts Com. Ass'n of Neighborhood Workers since 1907. Author of magazine articles In Outlook, Playground, Deline- ator, Atlajitlc, Educational Journal, Designer, Good Health, Housekeeper, Craftsman, Womaji's Magazine, Palette and Brush, Suburban Life, Arts and Decorations, House and Garden, Ladies' Home Journal, etc. Elplscopallan. MMn. Nat. Soc. of Craftsmen, Ass'n of Neighborhood Workers, School Art League, Drama League ot America and Recreation Alliance. Recreations: Riding, sailing. Clubs: Women's Cosmopolitan, N.Y. Wellesley. LORE, Emma Maria Theresa, Wilmington, Del.

Musician; b. Wilmington, Del., Oct. 15, 1868; dau. Charles Brown and Rebecca Archer (Bates) Lore; ed. private schools and Ogontz ScIlooI, Pa. Gives lecture recitals on Wagner operas; mezzo soloist in oratorio and concerts; head of Vocal Dep't, Ursuline Convent of Wilmington. Harpist of Wilmington Orchestra. Mem. Al- liance Francaise, Civic Ass'n, and Consumers' League of Wilmington; mem. Tabernacle Soc. of St. John the Divine. Roman Catholic. Treas. Del. State Equal Suffrage Ass'n from its or- ganization until 1911; treas. Wilmington Equal Suffrage Ass'n; sec. Wilmington Indian Ass'n; pres. New Century Club of Wilmington, 1810-12. Mem. St. Ursula Music Club, and the Music Club (Wilmington).

LORING, Anna S. (Mrs. George B. Loring), 35

E. Seventy-Sixth St., N.T. City.

Bom N.Y. City; dau. Hon. Isaac Townsend and Elizabeth Ingalls (Putnam) Smith; ed. In N.Y. City and in Europe; m. (1st) Charles H. Hildreth (died); (2d) Hon. George B. Loring ot Massachusetts (then Congressman, later Sec. ot Agriculture and U.S. Minister to Lisbon); one son: I/oring Townsend Hildreth. Her salon in Washington was tor 12 years a social center, where diplomats, foreigners ot distinction and Americans in ofBoial life gathered and where many important measures were organized. Has

��been active In many charities; assisted in organ- izing Homes for Incurables and Garfield Hoapital, Washington; Woman's Auxiliary of St. Jonn'g Guild, the Children's Hospital in N.Y. City, Home for American and Elnglish Girls in Parifi. Her Englisli ancestor was Charles Townsend, Chancellor of the Exchequer in London, wtio advocated the Stamp Act and put the tax on tea, a ad her patriot great-grandfather. Gen. Joseph Palmer, led the Boston Tea Party, and threw the taxed tea, on its arrival, overboard Into Boston Harbor.

iOEING, B«rt3jia Darrow (Mrs. Charles Loring), 115 East Seventh St., Crookston, Minn. Bom Neenah, Wis., Dec. 2, 1872; dau. Daniel Cady Darrow, M.D., and Alice Mary (Stone) Darrow; ed. high school, Moorhead, Minn.; Nor- mal School, Moorhead, and special work at University of Minnesota (mem. Delta Gamma, Lniv. ot Minn.); m. Moorhead, Minn., Oct. 3, 1300, Charles Loring (attorney); children: Helen, b. Dec. 17, 1S02; Genevieve, b. Sept. 16, 1907. Musician, teacher of mu£ie (piano) ; pupil of William H. Sherwood. Favors woman suSr&ge. Prea. Board of Education, Crookston, Minn., 1910-13. Mem. D.A.R., Current Events Club, Matron's Club (Crookston).

LO'JSHHG, Jlorenoe Barton (Mrs, Charles M. Lor- ing), 100 Clifton Av., Minneapolis, Minn.; and The Glenwood, Riverside, Cal. Bom Boston, Mass. ; dau. A. Bowers and Olive M. (Francis) Barton; ed. by private teaching In Minneapolis and music hy B. J. Lang and Madame Rudersdorff, Boston; m. Minneapolis, 1S85, Charles M. Lortng. Vice-pres. Northwestern Hospital Ass'n (Minneapolis), Minneapolis Im- provement League. Favors limited suffrage. Unl- versalist. Life mem. Am. Cl^ic Ass'n, Minn. Audubon Soc., Cal. Audubon Soc, Minn. Horti- cultural Soc, Riverside Humane Soc, Minne- apolis Humane Soc, Rochester (N.Y.) Hu- mane Soc, Nat. Child Labor Com., Woman's River and Harbor Soc, vice-pres. Minneapolis Improvement League; taem.. Woman's Club of Minneapolis, Thursday Musical Club, Woman's Welfare League of Minneapolis; The Charity Tree and Wednesday Morning Club of Riverside, Cal.

LORLNG, Frances Norma, 6 Macdougal Alley, N.T. City, and 23 Adelaide St., E. Toronto, Can.

Sculptor; b. Wardner, Idaho, Oct 14, 1887; dau. Frank C. and Charlotte (Moore) Loring; ed. In various European cities till 1905, including Mu- nich, Geneva, and Paris; also Art Inst of Chi- ago. Art Museum ot Boston and Art Students' League, N.Y. City. Established sculptor's studio in Boston, 1906; studio in Toronto, 1907; in N.Y. City Artists' Colony, Macdougal Alley, 1908-11; studios in Toronto and N.Y. City, 1912. Among prominent examples of her work are: Large marble sun dial, fountains; Lamia (bronze) ; bronze mounted policeman, portrait of Eugene Bernstein, pianist; portrait. Violinist; Mother and Child (marble) ; various portraits and relief; also architecturaJ work, etc. Socialist; favors woman suffrage.

LORINI, J^nise Cltas* (Mrs. E^ffaele Lorlnl),

Coronado, Cal.

Born West Newbury, Mass., Aug. 10, 1875; dau. John Carroll and Mary L. (Durgin) Chase; ed. Tileston Normal School, Wilmington, N.C., lSSl-91; Pinkerton Acad., Derry, N.H., 1892-95 (second honor at graduation); Wellesley Coll., B.A. 1900 (Tan Zeta Hpsilon); m. Derry, N.H., Aug. 25, 1906, Dr. Ratfaele Lorlnl. Trustee of Coronado Public Library; mem. Wednesday Club and College, Woman's Club (San Diego). Congregatlonallst. Favors woman suffrage. Progressive Republican. LORY, Carrie Richards (Mrs. Charles Alfred

Lory), 903 Stover St., Fort Collins, Colo.

Born Burton, 111., June 28, 1873; dau. Townsend Humphrey and Mary Jane (Harris) Richards; ed. Colorado State Normal School, Pd.B.; m. Pueblo, Colo., June 8, 1904, Charles Alfred Lory, pres. Colorado Agricultural Coll.; children: Marion Richards, Earl, Anna. Cor. sec of Unity Circle;

�� �