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have rowed up and down the lake, but even this move was denied to them.

"Let us go up and down the shore on foot," suggested Snap. "It is all out of the question to go back to bed—I couldn't sleep a wink."

It was decided that Shep and Snap should go north while Whopper and Giant went south. All procured new torches, and each took along a gun.

"If you discover anything give the old whistle," said the leader of the club.

The way Snap and Shep had chosen was anything but easy. To the northward the shore of Lake Cameron was rocky and uneven, with many gullies and little streams flowing over the rocks. More than once they thought they heard somebody or some animal moving but the sound proved to be nothing but the falling water. Once Shep stepped into a hollow and was scared by the sudden appearance of several big bullfrogs.

"Wish they were rabbits or squirrels, I might shoot them," he said.

"Well, you can shoot the frogs if you wish," answered Snap. "The hind legs are as sweet as squirrel meat."

"I know that—but I'm not out for frogs just now. I want to find that boat."

The two young hunters covered a quarter of a