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mile when they came out on a small point of land overlooking the broad lake. As they did this Snap uttered a cry:

"What is that out yonder, Shep?"

"Why, I declare, it looks like the boat!"

"Just what I was thinking. How can we get to her?"

"I don't know—unless we swim over."

"Is anybody on board?"

"I can't make out—in fact, I am not at all sure it is the boat," was the slow answer.

The object they had discovered was quite a distance out on the lake and the light from their torches reached it but faintly. The thing was drifting down the lake slowly, and as they watched it almost passed from view.

"Here, this won't do," cried Snap. "If it is the boat we must catch her and bring her in."

"It's kind of cold swimming—this time of night," answered the doctor's son, who did not relish such a bath.

"Here, you hold my things and I'll swim out," declared Snap, "I don't think the water is any colder now than in the day time."

He was soon ready for the plunge, and noting the direction in which the object had last been seen, he waded into the water. The first touch