Petition from Minnie Fisher Cunningham of the Texas Woman Suffrage Association

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Texas Woman Suffrage Association

Texas Woman Suffrage Association text ornament.jpg 11

Honorary President

Miss M. Eleanor Brackenridge
San Antonio

National Legislative Committeeman

Mrs. Elizabeth Hearndon Potter


Mrs. Anna E. Walker
3900 Ave. C., Austin


Mrs. Minnie Fisher Cunningham

Recording Secretary

Mrs. John Davis
3801 Holmes St., Dallas

First Auditor

Mrs. Elizabeth Stribling Maury
San Antonio

First Vice-President

Miss Kate Hunter

Corresponding Secretary

Mrs. G. Scott Shannon
2327 Ave. M., Galveston

Second Auditor

Mrs. M. P. Ostro

Second Vice-President

Mrs. Lindley Miller Keasbey
"Inshallah," Austin

3128 AVENUE O½

National Executive Committeeman

Miss Marion B. Fenwick
204 Pecan St., San Antonio

May 2nd, 1916.

Honorable Harry H. Dale, M.C.
Washington D. C.

Dear Sir:—

You are urgently requested to do all in your power to have the Amendment to the Federal Constitution known as the "Susan B. Anthony Suffrage Amendment", reported out of the Judiciary Committee, so that it may be voted on in the House of Representatives at an early date.

We respectfully call your attention to the fact that our National Government is supported by the taxes collected from women citizens as well as men citizens, tho that is going directly against that cry for political liberty which our fore fathers threw into the very teeth of their oppressors -- "Taxation without representation is TYRANNY"! And we feel that legislation which affects all of the women of this nation has the same right to consideration by Congress that other important legislation should receive.

We wish you to know that the Texas Woman Suffrage Association, which is composed of many thousands of men and women, has endorsed the Federal Amendment for Woman Suffrage in it's Constitution, so that you may not labor under the delusion that we place State's Rights above Human Rights. But as this is not a question in which the State's Rights bogy is involved, since we are merely asking for the removal of a sex discrimination and not for any radical revision of the voting qualifications in any State, perhaps the above information is superfluous.

Very truly yours,

Minnie Fisher Cunningham


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