Petition of the residents of Auburn, New York

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To the Honorable Sereno E. Payne, House of Representatives 28th district State of Newyork.

Sir: We the undersigned residents of the city of Auburn N.Y. Earnestly request you to call up the claim of Harriet Tubman (now Harriet Davis) the well known colored woman, a resident of, or near this city. The claim for her personal valuable services to the government during the late war of rebellion as scout nurse and spy was presented to congress several years ago by the Hon G. S. MacDougall and a bill was passed allowing her $1800. but no further action was taken and the bill failed to become a law.

Will you please bring up the matter again and press it to a final and sucessful termination. And your petitioners will Ever pray.

Names Residence
Mrs. D.M. Osborne Auburn
T.M. Osborne "
Mrs. Wm. L. Garrison Boston, Mass.
Arria S. Huntington Syracuse N.Y.
Ednah D Cheney Boston Mass.
Louisa Wilkinson Wilson New York N.Y.
Dora G.S. Hazard Syracuse NY
F.D. Huntington Syracuse "
Joseph M. Clarke Syracuse "
H.D.S. Huntington Syracuse "
M.O. King "
Mrs. C.B. Sedgwick Syracuse "
Ernest I. White " "
Katherine Sage White " "
Adelaide W. White
CH Halcomb " "
Annah Sumner Teall Halcomb " "
H.R. Bender Auburn, N.Y.

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