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I N D E X.

Aard-Vark, or Earth-Hog. (Illustrated.) 572
Advantages of Oral Teaching 690
Afghanistan 252
African Elephant, its Proposed Domestication 551
Agassiz's Zoological Laboratory 834
Agricultural School, A French 253
Alcohol, Effects of, on Character 379
Allen, G., Why do we eat our Dinner? 799
America, The Peopling of 78
American Hairy Tortoise 530
Ancient Hygiene 549
Animal Intelligence 214
Animals and Plants, Differences between 30
Antiquity of the Practice of Inoculation 695
Ant Community, History of an 248
Ants, Battle-Royal among 121
Ants' Nest 693
Are the Elements elementary? 407
Artificial Diamonds 687
Astronomical Magnitudes and Distances 291
Atheism and the. Church 621
Atmospheric Electricity and Plant-Growth 247

Backgammon among the Aztecs 491
Bain, A., Education as a Science 55
Bain, A., Education as a Science 152
Bain, A., John S. Mill 697
Balloons, Use of, in Arctic Exploration 837
Battle-Royal among Ants 121
Beard, G. M., Experiments with Living Human Beings 611
Beard, G. M., Experiments with Living Human Beings 751
Beaver, Sagacity of the 123
Beginning of Nerves in the Animal Kingdom. (Illustrated.) 303
Belt, Thomas, Death of 255
Bidder, George, the Calculating Boy 835
Biology and "Woman's Rights" 201
Black Diamonds 337
Blindness and its Causes 838
Blood-sucking Squirrel 838
Books noticed:
"Scientific Memoirs" (Draper) 113
"Handbook of Chemistry" (Tidy); 115
"Sound" (Mayer) 115
"Free Religious Association" 116
"Photometric Researches" (Peirce) 116
"In the Wilderness" (Warner) 116
"Metric Weights and Measures" 116
"Sound and the Telephone" (Blake) 116
"American College Directory" 116
"New York Meteorological Observatory" 117
"American Indians" (Mallery) 117
"Lewis Brooks's Museum" 117
"Deep-Sea Soundings" (Jewell) 117
"AU around the House" (Beecher) 239
"Fish and Fisheries" 240
"Life of George Combe" (Gibbon) 240
"Deterioration and Race Education" (Royce) 241
"Superstition in all Ages" (Meslier) 241
"American Antiquarian" 242
"Parks and Gardens of Paris" (Robinson) 243
"Tribes of California" (Powers) 244
"American Colleges" (Thwing) 244
"Dictionary of Music and Musicians" 244
"The Bible of To-day" (Chadwick) 396
"Stock-Breeding" (Miles) 398
"Ontological Science" (Day) 399
"Life in other Worlds" (Miller) 399
"Filtration of Water" (Nichols) 399
"Old House altered" (Mason) 400
"Goethe's Faust" 400
"Practical Chemistry" (Muir) 400
"The Blessed Bees" (Allen) 400
"Proportions of the Steam-Engine" (Marks) 400
"Flower-Painting" (Duffield) 400
"The Railway" (Sterne) 401
"Golden Songs of Great Poets" 401
"Geology of Wisconsin" 401
"United States Entomological Commission" 401
"Color-Blindness" (Jeffries) 402
"Geometrical Drawing" (Vose) 402
"The Commonwealth reconstructed" (Clark) 535
"Early History of Mankind" (Tylor) 536
"Introductory Chemical Practice" 537
"Elementary Chemistry" (Roscoe) 538
"Christ's Words" (Turner) 538
"American Quarterly Microscopical Journal" 539
"Science News" 540
"Report of Johns Hopkins University" 540
"Ancient Cemetery of Chacota Bay" 540
"Telegraph in America" (Reid) 541
"Walks in London" (Hare) 542
"Science Observer" 542
"Survey of the Lakes" 542
"Survey of Minnesota" 542
"Minerals, etc., of the Pacific Coast" 542
"The Indian Question" (Pope) 542
"Origin, Progress, and Destiny of the English Language" (Weisse) 678
"Law of Property in Intellectual Productions" (Drone) 679
"Ferns in their Homes and Ours" (Robinson) 680
"Sanitary Examinations of Water, etc." (Fox) 681
"General Vaccination" (Harris) 682
"Constituents of Climate" (Lente) 682
"Democracy in Europe" (May) 682
"Native Flowers and Ferns" (Meehan) 683
"Races of European Turkey" (Clark) 683
"Smithsonian Report" 683
"United States Geological Survey" 683
"Economic Monographs" 684
"Strength of Materials" (Kent) 684
"Zoology of the Vertebrate Animals" (Macalister) 684
"Total Abstinence" (Richardson) 684
"Journal of a Tour in Marocco" (Hooker and Ball) 821
"Education as a Science" (Bain) 822
"Demonology and Devil-Lore" (Conway) 824
"Paradoxical Philosophy" 825
"How to he plump" (Duncan) 825
"What is the Bible?" (Sunderland) 826
"How to parse" (Abbott) 826
"Agricultural Ant of Texas" (McCook) 826
"House Air" (Donaldson) 826
"Wanderings in South America" (Waterton) 827
"American Journal of Otology" 828
"Industrial Education" (Hogg) 828
"Air and Moisture on Shipboard" (Turner) 829
"Genealogy of Plants" (Ward) 829
"Notes on Cladocera" (Birge) 829
"The Air we breathe" 829
"The Soul and the Resurrection" (Kellogg) 829
"Jurassic Dinosaurs" (Marsh) 829
"Principles of Breeding" (Brewer) 829
"Aphididæ of the United States" (Riley and Monell) 829
"Art Anatomy" (Howe) 829
Brain-bulk, its relation to Intelligence 551
Brooks, W. K., Animals and Plants 30
Brunton, T. Lauder, Reflex Action and Disease 639

California Climate, and Consumption 836
Candle-Fish 546
Carhart, H. S., Astronomical Magnitudes and Distances 291
Carnivorous Caterpillars 121
Causes of Ocean-Currents 686
Ceremonial Government 17
Chemical Elements 600
Childhood, The First Three Years of 591
Civilization and Teeth 689
Coal-Gas Combustion, Products of 547
Coffee-Houses and Rum-Shops 108
College Education 248
Colors, Contrast of. (Illustrated.) 1
Commercial Products of New Caledonia 834
Conscience, is it primitive? 647
Copyright Commission, The English. 296
Copyright and Morality 530
Corona, the Sun's, Light of 405
Cotton-Worm 406
Crystallization of Gold, Silver, etc. (Illustrated.) 434
Cultivating Disease 250
Curari 396
Curteis, G, H., Atheism and the Church 621
Curtiss, L. E., Molecular Dynamics 375

Damon, W. E., The Devil-Fish and its Relatives 345
Dangers of Moldy Bread 545
Darwin vs. Galiani 409
Davy, Sir H., Sketch of. (Portrait.) 813
Deep-Sea Soundings 119
Destruction of American Forests 550
Devil-Fish, The, and its Relatives. (Illustrated.) 345
Diamonds, Artificial 687
Dietetic Curiosities 721
Differences between Animals and Plants 30
Discovery of a New Salt-Deposit 124
Disease, Cultivating 250
Distribution of Spiders 124
Domestic Economy, Improved 395
Drinking-Water from Agricultural Lands 44
Du Bois-Reymond, E., Darwin vs. Galiani 409

Early Traces of Man 794
Eastern Fish-Story 406
Easy-Chairs, The Science of 186
Economic Statistics of the World 691
Edison's Inventions. (Illustrated.) 130
Education as a Science 55
Education as a Science 152
Education, College 248
Education, Rational, Progress of 111
Effects of Alcohol on Character 379
Ehrenberg, Christian Gottfried, Sketch of. (Portrait.) 668
Electric Illumination 234
Electric Light, Werdermann's 545
Electric Light 553
Electric Light as a Source of Nitric Acid 692
Electricity, Atmospheric, and Plant-Growth 247
Elements, are they elementary? 407
Elephant, the African, its Proposed Domestication 551
English, its Place in the Higher Education 81
English Rule, Effects of, in India 404
Entomology, Important Discovery in 836
Experiments in Sound. (Illustrated.) 65
Experiments with Living Human Beings 611
Experiments with Living Human Beings 751
Explosions from Combustible Dust. (Illustrated.) 159

Fever-Factories 143
Fiords of Glacial Origin on Long Island 831
Fires and their Causes 653
First Three Years of Childhood 591
Fish-Story, An Eastern 406
Flammarion, C, Intra-Mercurial Planets 714
Forests, Destruction of 550
Formation of Mountains. (Illustrated.) 460
Fothergill, J. M., Alcohol 379
French Agricultural Schools 253
Friendships of Animals 182

Galileo, What Medicine owes to 403
Galton, F., Psychometric Facts 771
Gas-Stoves and the Products of Combustion 692
Gelatine as a Food-Preserver 251
Germany, Restrictive Tendencies in 676
Girard, M., Curari 369
Grataeap, L. P., Ice Age 90
Grave-Digger Beetle 126
Gray, Elisha, Sketch of. (Portrait.) 523
Gregan, T. J., Crystallization of Gold, etc 434
Growth of Mining Engineering in the United States 403
Growth of Mushrooms 125
Gutta-Percha, Substitute for 126

Hair, Pigments of the 694
Hairy Water-Tortoise 245
Health and Recreation 780
Heredity 356
History of an Ant Community 248
History of Map-making 830
Honey-Bee, its Sting. (Illustrated.) 635
How to keep cool 549
Huxley, Professor, before the English Copyright Commission 166
Huxley on the Hand 544
Hygiene, Ancient 549

Ice Age, The 90
Igneous Rocks, Organic Matter in 688
Iles, G., Heredity 356
Important Discovery in Entomology 836
Improved Domestic Economy 395
In an Ants' Nest 693
India, English Rule in 404
Inoculation, Antiquity of. 695
Insect Ragman 839
Insects and Colored Flowers 529
Intra-Mercurial Planets. (Illustrated.) 714
Investigating the Cotton-Worm 406
Iron, Protection of, from Rust 687

Japan, An Early Race in. (Illustrated.) 257
Japan, Science Lectures in 388
Japanese Fermented Liquors 252
Judson, J. A., Drinking-Water 44

Kneeland, S., The Monstrous in Art 731
Kuntze, O., The Peopling of America 78

Language and the Emotions 190
Lardner, Dr., and Ocean Steam-Navigation 529
Lardner, Dr., and Ocean Steam-Navigation 673
Leaves, Physical Functions of. (Illustrated.) 365
Le Conte, J., Sociology and Biology 325
Le Conte, J., Sociology and Biology 425
Lee, H., Singing Mice 102
Leland, E. E., Mites, Ticks, and other Acari 502
Lingual Study, An Historian's Notion of 819
Lockyer on the Chemical Elements 533
Lockyer on the Chemical Elements 600

Making Sound Vibrations visible 834
Malaria, Vehicles of 544
Mammoth, The Arctic, when it came 689
Man, Early Traces of 794
Manufacture of Sea-Salt at San Francisco 247
Map-making, History of 830
Maury, M. F., Black Diamonds 337
Medicine, what it owes to Galileo 403
Mercurial Deposit on Animal Teeth 125
Metric System, shall we adopt it? 757
Microphone, The, does it magnify Sound? 233
Mill, J. S. 697
Mineral White, A New 126
Mining Engineering in the United States 403
Mites, Ticks, and other Acari. (Illustrated. 502
Molecular Dynamics 373
Monstrous, The, in Art 731
More Room for the Sciences 674
Morse, E. S., An Early Race in Japan 257
Mortillet, G. de. Early Traces of Man 794
Mounds, Curious, in California 233
Mountains, Formation of. (Illustrated.) 460
Movement of Water in the Suez Canal 550
Movements of Plants 250
Mummy, Studies of a 404
Mushrooms, Growth of 125
Musk-Bison 122
Mutilations and Heredity 233

Natural Selection 121
Nerves, The Beginning of, in the Animal Kingdom. (Illustrated.) 303
New Caledonia, Commercial Products of 834
New Form of Stereoscope 120
New Guinea and its Inhabitants 742
New Plant 690
Notes 127
Notes 255
Notes 407
Notes 552
Notes 695
Notes 540
Notes 840
Noxious Vapors and Health 254

Ocean-Currents 686
Old Phrenology, The, and the New. (Illustrated.) 475
Oleomargarine 249
Organic Matter in Igneous Rocks 688
Origin of Upland Lakes 810
Oswald, F. L., Dietetic Curiosities 721
Oswald, F. L., Fever-Factories 143
Our Parks 405
Oustalet, E., Aard-Vark 572
Oxygen, Effects of 118

Pain, "Uses" of 124
Parasites in Pork 551
Pearls and their Origin 693
Peck, L. W., Explosions from Combustible Dust 159
Penguin, The, how it rears its Young 547
Persian Hair-Dye 249
Personal Equation 837
Peruvian Antiquities 835
Petermann, Dr., Sketch of. (Portrait.) 231
Phelps, J. W., The Radiometer 76
Phrenology, The Old and the New. (Illustrated.) 475
Physical Functions of Leaves. (Illustrated.) 365
Pigments of the Hair 694
Planetary Rings and New Stars 466
Plant, A New 690
Plant Respiration 403
Plants, Movements of 250
Plants and Atmospheric Humidity 668
Plants and the Peopling of America 78
Pope and Anti-Pope 320
Population-Density and Death-Rate 686
Prescott, G. B., Edison's Inventions 129
Printing and the Perpetuity of Civilizations 685
Products of Coal-Gas Combustion 547
Progress of Rational Education 111
Protection and Socialism 389
Psychometric Facts 771
Pure Teas 247

Radiometer, The 76
Rainfall and Sun-Spots 831
Recreation, Health and 780
Reflex Action and Disease 639
Relation, Scientific, of Sociology to Biology 325
Relation, Scientific, of Sociology to Biology 425
Religious Recognition of Nature 392
Reorganization of the Government Surveys 543
Restrictive Tendencies in Germany 676
Resurvey of the Yellowstone Park 836
Retentive Memories 690
Richardson, B. W., Health and Recreation 780
Robin, Value of the, to the Agriculturist 251
Romanes, G. J., Animal Intelligence 214
Romanes, G. J., Beginning of Nerves 303
Rood, O. N., Contrast of Colors 1

Sagacity of the Beaver 123
Salt-Deposit, New, in New York 124
Schmidt, O., Science and Socialism 577
Science and Socialism 577
Science in Relation to War 817
Science Lectures in Japan 388
Science of Easy-Chairs 186
Sciences, More Room for 674
Scientific Instruction, Elementary, in Germany 107
Scientific Relation of Sociology to Biology 325
Scientific Relation of Sociology to Biology 425
Sea-Salt, Manufacture of, at San Francisco 247
Shall we adopt the Metric System? 757
Shingle-Nails swallowed by Cattle 692
Silk-worm Moths, how they escape from the Cocoon 122
Singing Mice 102
Singing Mice 673
Snake, A Useful 123
Sociology, its Scientific Relation to Biology 325
Sociology, its Scientific Relation to Biology 425
Sound, Experiments in. (Illustrated.) 65
Sound, Professor Tyndall on 832
Sound-Vibrations made visible 834
South American Fossils, Interesting Collection of 687
Spencer, H., Ceremonial Government 17
Spencer, Herbert, before the English Copyright Commission 296
Spencer, Herbert, before the English Copyright Commission 440
Spider Architecture 246
Spiders, Distribution of 124
Spottiswoode, William, Sketch of. (Portrait.) 105
Squirrel, A Blood-sucking 838
Stark, A. B., English in Higher Education 81
Statistics, Economic, of the World 691
Steering of Ocean-Steamers 545
Stereoscope, New Form of. 120
Sting of the Honey-Bee. (Illustrated.) 635
Storage and Purification of Water 546
Strange Animal-Friendships 182
Studies of a Mummy 404
Substitute for Gutta-Percha 126
Suez Canal, Movement of Water in 550
Sun's Corona, Light of the 405
Sun's Long Streamers, The 659
Sun-Spots, Rainfall and 831
Surgical Operation, A Unique 548

Teaching, Oral, its Advantages 690
Teas, Pure 247
Teeth, Civilization and 689
Thomson, Sir W., on Deep-Sea Soundings 119
Titles 17
Torpedo Transport 118
Traces of an Early Race in Japan, (Illustrated.) 257
Tylor, E. B., Backgammon among the Aztecs 491
Tyndall, J., Virchow and Evolution 266
Tyndall, J., The Electric Light 553
Tyndall on Sound 832
Tyndall, Professor, before the English Copyright Commission 39
Typhoid-Fever Poison 514

Unique Surgical Operation 548
Upland Lakes, Origin of. 810
Useful Snake 123
"Uses" of Pain 124

Vanderbilt University again 237
Van de Warker, E., Typhoid-Fever Poison 514
Vaughan, D., Planetary Rings and New Stars 466
Vehicles of Malaria 544
Vertebral Articulations in Birds 832
Virchow and Evolution 266
Vogt, C, Pope and Anti-Pone 320

Waldstein, C, Language and the Emotions 190
Wallace's Theory of Zoological Derivation 694
Wallace, A. R., New Guinea 742
Wallis, Gustav, Sketch of. (Portrait.) 386
Ward, J. C, Origin of Upland Lakes 810
Water, Drinking, from Agricultural Lands 44
Werdermann Electric Light 545
Why do we eat our Dinner? 799
Wilkinson, W., Is Conscience primitive? 647
Wilson, A., The Old Phrenology and the New 475
Winchell on College Education 248
"Woman's Eights," Biology and 201
Women and the Study of Science 119
Woorara-Poison 369
Wyandotte Cave, Recent Exploration of 833

Yellow Fever 388
Yellowstone Park, Resurvey of 836