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I N D E X.

"Administration of Justice under Military and Martial Law" (by O. M. Clode), Notice of 754
Agriculture, Ancient, in Bavaria 759
Aims and Instruments of Scientific Thought 93
Aims and Instruments of Scientific Thought 174
Ammonia in Snow-water 506
"Ancient Stone Implements, Weapons, and Ornaments of Great Britain" (by John Evans), Notice of 247
"Annals of Bee-Culture" 755
Antipodes and Perioeci 489
Applied Sanitary Science 665
Art in the Stone Age. (Illustrated.) 343
Atmospheric Pressure, Effect of 382
Atmospheric Pressure and Vegetable Growth 760
Asbestos, Uses of 509
Asphalt Pavements 609
Astronomical and Physical Observatories 365

Barbarism in English Education 671
Barnard, F. A. P., Poetical Address to 622
Barnard, President, Communication from 243
"Bee-keepers' Magazine" 249
Bias, Educational 564
Biela's Comet 762
Bird, A Poison-proof 766
Birds, Our Native, acquiring New Habits 633
Birds, Young, Instinct in 561
Birds Improving in Nest-Building 485
Blood, Transfusion of 124
Blood, Transfusion of 679
Boiler Explosions, Probable Cause of 757
Borax, Antiseptic Properties of 381
Bowlder-like Masses of Clay in the Long-Island Drift 634
Brain, Functions of the 64
Brain-Work and the Emotions 420
Building-Stone and Fire 639
Bulb-Culture in Holland 381
Butter, Artificial 126

Car-wheels, Paper 762
Carp, An Aged 250
Carpenter, Dr., against Materialism 124
Caterpillars, An Army of 255
Cave-Dwellers, or Troglodytes, in France. (Illustrated.) 699
Cinchona in Bengal 381
City of the Future 250
Civilization, Antiquity of 631
Coal-Gas, Effects of, on Plants 638
Coati-Mondi, The, and its Cousins. (Illustrated.) 136
Cocoa-nut Palm, The, and its Uses 214
"Coffee: Its History, Cultivation, and Uses" (by Robert Hewitt, Jr.), Notice of 753
Combustion under Pressure 634
Comet, Biela's 762
Comets, Tails of 383
"Compendious Manual of Qualitative Chemical Analysis" (by Eliot and Storer), Notice of 248
Cotton Fibres and Fabrics 161
Crime, Causes of 589
Cromlechs in Algeria 638
Cultivating Wild Flowers 356

Darwin (Notice of), with Portrait 497
"Deductive and Inductive Training" (by Prof. Silliman), Notice of 504
Delusions, Epidemic 15
Detonators, Electric, for exploding Mines 761
Development in Dress 40
Discipline of Mankind, The Early 129
Diseases, Local, Relations of, to the Nature of the Soil 382
Disinfectant, An Efficacious 760
Disinfection, Careless 122
Do Birds Improve in Nest-Building? 485
Disease, Temperature in 763
Dredging on the New-England Coast 764
Drifting of the Stars 224

Earth's Surface, Elevation and Subsidence of 766
Earthquake-Phenomena. (Illustrated.) 513
Education in New England, estimated by Agassiz 759
Education, Coercion in 623
Education, English, Barbarism in 671
Education, Observation in 371
Educational System, Science and Our 695
Electricity and Life 526
Elevation and Subsidence of the Earth's Surface 766
Emotions, Brain-Work and the 420
Emotions, Expression of the. (Illustrated.) 434
Engineering, Ancient, among the Chinese 127
English and American Science 734
"Epidemic Cerebro-Spinal Meningitis" (by Dr. Clymer), Notice of 628
Epidemic Delusions 15
Equality of the Sexes 552
Eucalyptus, Chemical Products of 253
Evolution, Doctrine of 110
Evolution and the Spectroscope 320
Experiments on the Circulation of the Frog 762
Expression of the Emotions. (Illustrated.) 434

"Family Thermometry" (by Dr. Seguin), Notice of 627
"Faraday" (by J. H. Gladstone), Notice of (by De la Rive) 377
"Faraday as a Discoverer" (by Tyndall), Notice of 377
Ferns, Ancient 633
Fire-Escape, A New 511
Fires, Great, and Rain-Storms 206
"Forces of Nature" (by Guillemin), Notice of 628
Forests and Fruit-Growing 194
"Fortnightly Review" 755
Fool Air 121
Foul Air and Disease of the Heart 183
Frog, The Horned 676
Fruit-Growing, Forests and 194
Fuel, Economy of 506
Functions of the Brain 64
Fuzi-Yama and Hakusan 634

"Gardener's Monthly" 248
Generation, Spontaneous. (Illustrated.) 83
Geology of the Great Plain of Morocco 635
German Thought, New Phase of 152
German Thought, New Phase of 311
Glass, Facts about 252
Godwin, Mr., on the Limits of Science 746
Gold in Sea-Water 255
"Great Problem" (by John R. Leifchild), Notice of 245
"Great Problem," Introduction to the 182
Greeley, Mr., Death of 372
Gunpowder, Smokeless 61

Hair, How the Feelings affect the 158
"Hand-Book of Chemical Technology" (by Wagner), Notice of 244
Hartmann's Philosophy of the Unconscious 152
Hartmann's Philosophy of the Unconscious 311
Health, Nervous and Moral 416
Heart, Disease of the, and Foul Air 183
Heat and Life 400
Henry, Prof. Joseph, Sketch of, with Portrait 741
Herculaneum, how was it destroyed? 232
Horned Frog, The 676
Horse-Influenza, Causes of 765
Houses, Warming of 472
Human Races, Physical Characters of 541
Humanity and Insanity 218
Humming-Bird, Instinct at Fault in 254
Hydrogen-Gas, Cheap 639
Hypothesis, The Nebular 650

Importance of the Cultivation of Science 641
India, Matters in 614
Influenza in Horses, Causes of 765
Insect-Life in a Coal-Mine 255
Instinct in Young Birds 561
Is Electricity Life? 477
Islamism, Epileptic Origin of 605

"Key to North American Birds" (by E. Coues), Notice of 751

Labor, Mental, and Health 763
"Lectures on Light" (by Tyndall), Notice of. (Illustrated.) 754
Law of Storms developed 385
Light and Life 294
Lightning-Rods, Ground Connection of 120
Life, Electricity and 526
Life, Heat and 400
"Life in Nature Man and his Dwelling-Place" (by James Hinton), Notice of 118
Livingstone, Doctor. (Portrait.) 327
Man in America, Antiquity of 638
"Manual of Microscopic Mounting" (by John H. Martin), Notice of 247
Maury, Matthew Fontaine 767
Meteoric Stones 75
Meteorites, Recent, in France and Italy 760
Monas Prodigiosa 249
"Mysteries of Voice and Ear" (by O. N. Rood), Notice of 751
"Myths and Myth-Makers" (by John Fiske), Notice of 752

Nebular Hypothesis, The 650
Nervous Health and Moral Health 416
Niagara, Facts relating to 249
Notes 128
Notes 255
Notes 384
Notes 511
Notes 639
Notes 768
Nothing new under the Sun 380

Observation in Education 371
Observatories, Astronomical and Physical 365
Old Age, Necessity of Carefulness in 511
Opium Poppy in France 384
Opossum, Habits of the 124
Osage Orange 383
Ostracism of a French Savant 764
"Our First Year's Work" 745
Ozone by a New Process 507

Paper as a Building-Material 633
Paper-Hangings, Poisonous 123
Partridge-Berries, White 254
Patriotism, Bias of 708
Pavements, Asphalt 609
Pavement, An Unpatentable 255
Pericardium, puncturing the 637
Petroleum, Solidifying 635
Pholades, The Boring-Organ of 253
Phosphoric Acid 383
Photograph Proofs, White Spots on 632
Photometer, Deep-Sea 639
Physiological Position of Tobacco 167
Physical Characters of the Human Races 541
"Physics and Politics" (by Walter Bagehot), Notice of 503
Plant-Battery 631
Plants, Spontaneous Movements in. (Illustrated.) 280
Plaster, Action of, on Soils 251
Polaris, The, Expedition 253
"Popular Treatise on Gems" (by Dr. L. Feuchtwanger) 378
Potato-Disease, The 250
Pouchet, Felix Archimede 767
Practical Man, The, as an Obstructive 37
Prophecies, Weather 149
Public Affairs, Science and 736

"Quarterly German Magazine" 377

Rain-Storms, Great Fires and 206
Rattlesnake's Rattle, Purpose of 767
"Recent Discussions in Science, Philosophy, and Morals" (by Spence), Notice of 505
Recent Progress of Natural Science 597
Religion, Science and 79
Rhinoceros, A New Species of 380
River and Lake Terraces. (Illustrated.) 661
Romance of Medicine 422

Sabine, General Sir Edward, Sketch of. (Portrait.) 238
Sanitary Science, Applied 665
Sardines 126
Scientific Expedition of the Challenger 509
Science and Public Affairs 736
Science and our Educational System 695
Science, English and American 734
Science and Religion 79
Science, Importance of cultivating 641
Science, Natural, Recent Progress of 597
Science, Sanitary, Applied 665
Science in the Household 757
Scientific Thought, Aims and Instruments of 93
Scientific Thought, Aims and Instruments of 174
Sedgwick, Rev. Adam 767
Selective Power of Plants 756
Sensitive Streams 383
Sexes, Equality of the 552
Silica as a Basis of Paint 632
Silk Goods, Test for 383
Singing Flames, Practical Application of 757
Slag as a Building-Material 637
Smokeless Gunpowder 61
Snakes, Venomous, of India 510
Sociological Science in its Later Statements 240
Sociology, Study of 1
Sociology, Study of 257
Sociology, Study of 450
Sociology, Study of 564
Sociology, Study of 708
Somerville, Mrs. 501
Sound, Experiments on 378
Sparrow, The English 508
Spectroscope, Evolution and the 320
"Spectrum Analysis" (by Dr. H. Schellen), Notice of 116
Spider Engineering 635
Spiders, Venomous, in New Zealand 758
Spontaneous Generation. (Illustrated.) 83
Spontaneous Movements in Plants. (Illustrated.) 280
Squirrel-Pest 382
Stars, Drifting of the 224
Steam, Cultivation by 507
Stone Age, Art in the. (Illustrated.) 343
Stones, Meteoric 75
Strength of Timber. (Illustrated.) 582
Sun, The, as a Borer of Mountains 380
Sunlight, Sea, and Sky 50

Telegraphy, Government 631
"Ten Laws of Health" (by Dr. J. R. Black), Notice of 754
Terraces, River and Lake. (Illustrated.) 661
"The Earth a Great Magnet" (by A. M. Mayer), Notice of 626
"Thoughts for the Times" (by Rev. H. R. Haweis), Notice of 248
Tin, Disintegration of 382
Tobacco, Physiological Position of 167
"Transactions of the "Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts, and Letters," Notice of 503
Transfusion of Blood 124
Transfusion of Blood 679
Trees and Rain 123
Troglodytes, or Cave-Dwellers in France. (Illustrated.) 699
Tyndall and Froude 373
Tyndall, Farewell Banquet to 625
Tyndall's Lectures in New York 499
Tyndall, Sketch of Prof. (Portrait.) 103
Tyndall, Mount, Discovery of 739

Unconscious, Philosophy of the 152
Unconscious, Philosophy of the 311
Useful Things 491

Vegetable Caprice 383
Vegetable Physiology, Curious Phenomenon in 636
Velocity of the Will 360
Ventilation, Parliamentary 252
Ventilation and Warming 126
Venus, Transit of 252
Vibrations produced by Various Explosives 506
Volcanic Dust 123
Vibrio-Life, Development of 761
Volcanic Energy 505
Volcanic Eruption, Disastrous 253
Volcanoes, A New Theory of 203

War and Insanity 252
Warming of Houses 472
Weather Prophecies 149
Welding Copper 382
Wheat, New Method for disintegrating 254
Wild Flowers, cultivating 356
Will, Velocity of the 360
Writing-Ball, Honsen's 763

Zebu and European Cattle, Cross between 635