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I N D E X.

Africa, German Explorations in 571
Agricultural Experimental Stations 596
Aims, Higher Professional 425
Air, Liquid, and Solid Alcohol 427
Allen, Dr. Nathan 433
Allen, Professor Grant 65
Americanitis 286
Andrew, Sallie L. 382
Animals, How much they know 39
Animals, Vegetating, and Symbiosis 811
Anthrax, Symptomatic, and Disinfectants 426
Armsby, H. P. 596
Association, The American 858
Astronomical News, Publication of 287
Astronomy, The Boundaries of 94
Astronomy, The Boundaries of 239

Bad Lands, The Little Missouri 468
Bad Lands, The Little Missouri 634
Baerenbach, Friedrich von 195
Ball, Robert S., F.R.S. 94
Ball, Robert S., F.R.S. 239
Bassett, Austin B. 553
Bathing, Suggestions about 718
Bayard, Edward, M.D. 732
Beard, Dr. George M. 137
Bell, Louis 536
Black, J. R. 698
Black, J. R. 845
Blackwell, E., M.D. 388
Bond, A. Curtis 475
Books noticed:
"Animal Intelligence" (Romanes) 123
"Essays in Jurisprudence and Ethics" (Pollock) 125
"A History of the People of the United States" (McMaster) 125
"Pharmaceutische Rundschau" (Hoffmann) 127
"Whence, What, Where?" (Nichols) 127
"Bulletin of the Archaeological Institute of America" (Greenleaf) 128
"Loess and Associated Deposits of Des Moines" (McGee and Call) 128
"Papilio" (Edwards) 128
"A Practical Treatise on Diseases of the Skin" (Duhring 129
"A Dictionary of Electricity" (Greer) 129
"The Storage of Electricity" (Greer) 129
"On Prehistoric Trephining and Cranial Amulets" (Fletcher) 130
"The Naval Use of the Dynamo-Machine and Electric Light" (Murdock) 130
"The Sociologist" (Chavannes) 130
"Journal of Social Science" 131
"On the Value of the 'Nearctic,' as one of the Primary Zoological Regions" (Heilprin) 131
"Report of the Entomologist: Department of Agriculture" 131
"Bulletin of the Buffalo Naturalists' Field Club" 131
"Exploration of Parts of Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana" (Sheridan) 132
"The Place of Original Research in College Education" (Wright) 132
"A Study of the Manuscript Troano" (Thomas) 132
"The Elements of Forestry" (Hough) 133
"The American Journal of Forestry" (Hough) 133
"The Scientific and Technical Reader" 134
"Tables for Students and Beginners in Vegetable Histology" (Penhallow) 134
"Transactions of the Linnæan Society of New York" 134
"Ansichten tiber die Ursachen der Vulcane" (Reyer) 134
"Neptunisch oder Plutonisch?" (Reyer) 134
"The Foundation Principle of Education by the State" (Barnett) 134
"Forest Protection, and the Tariff on Lumber" 135
"Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station. Report, 1882" 135
"Seed-Breeding" (Sturtevant) 135
"Development of Mineral, etc., Resources of Colorado for 1881 and 1882" (Smith) 135
"The Manual Training-School of Washington University, St. Louis" (Woodward) 135
"Dynamic Sociology" (Ward) 273
"Man before Metals" (Joly) 276
"On the Desert" (Field) 277
"Home Gymnastics and Swimming" (Hartelius) 278
"The Alternative" 279
"Idyls of Norway" (Boyesen) 279
"Aboriginal American Literature" (Brinton) 279
"Science in Short Chapters" (Williams) 279
"Diadem of School Songs" (Tillinghast) 280
"Conflict in Nature and Life" 416
"Our Home Physician" (Beard) 418
"Correspondence of Carlyle and Emerson" 418
"Examination of Medicinal Chemicals" (Hoffmann and Power) 419
"The Possibility of Not Dying" (Kirk) 420
"Bulletin of the United States Fish Commission" (1881) 420
"Electro-Magnets" (Du Moncel) 421
"A Perpetual Calendar" (Barnard) 421
"Pocket Logarithms" 421
"Report of the Bureau of Ethnology" (Smithsonian Institution) 421
"American Humorists" (Haweis) 422
"Jesus, his Opinions and Character" 422
"Introduction to the Study of Organic Chemistry" (Pinner) 422
"Entomological Papers, Iowa State Horticultural Society" (1882) 422
"Manual of Assaying Gold, Silver, Copper, and Lead Ores" (Brown) 423
"Experiments with Kerosene on Insects of the Orange-Tree and Cotton-Plant" (Riley) 423
"Shade-Trees, Indigenous Shrubs, and Vines" (Stewart) 423
"Professional Papers of the Corps of Engineers of the United States Army" 423
"Astronomical Papers" (Newcomb) 423
"The Bacteria" (Burrill) 423
"The Q. P. Index Annual for 1882" 424
"Notes of Talks on Teaching" (Parker) 559
"Anniversary Address, Class of 1832, Union College" (West) 561
"The Life of James Clerk Maxwell" (Campbell and Garnett) 561
"Oliver Wendell Holmes, Poet, Litterateur, Scientist" (Kennedy) 561
"Methods of Social Reform," etc. (Jevons) 562
"Inquiries into Human Faculty and its Development" (Galton) 562
"Wealth-Creation" (Mongredien) 563
"Alcoholic Inebriety, from a Medical Stand-point" (Parrish) 563
"Catalogue of Publications of the Smithsonian Institution" (Rhees) 564
"The Leading Men of Japan" (Lanman) 564
"The Builder's Guide and Estimator's Price-Book" (Hodgson) 564
"First-Year Arithmetic-Teacher's Manual" (Hoose) 565
"Astronomy corrected" (Philbrook) 565
"Lowest Forms of Water Animals" (D'Anvers) 565
"Compendium of the Tenth Census" 565
"Geological Survey of New Jersey, 1882" (Cook) 565
"Report of the Chief Signal-Officer" (1880) 566
"'The Jewelers' Circular and Horological Review" (Hopkinson) 566
"The Physiology of Protoplasmic Motion" (Englemann) 566
"Lectures to the Employés of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company" (Martin, Sewell, Sedgwick, and Brooks) 567
"The Unending Genesis" (Simmons) 567
"Proceedings of the Davenport Academy of Sciences 567
"Proposed Ordinance, Rules and Regulations for Plumbing, in Philadelphia 567
"Appalachia," April, 1883 567
"Outline of Qualitative Analysis" (Stoddard) 568
"The Advanced Question-Book" (South wick) 568
"Parish Institutions in Maryland" (Ingle) 568
"Old Maryland Manors (Johnson) 568
"Life of Sir William E. Logan" (Harrington) 709
"On Work and Wages" (Brassey) 709
"The Religion of Humanity" (Frey) 710
"The Cause of Variation" (Curtis) 710
"Notes on Evolution and Christianity" (Yorke) 710
"Eve's Daughters" (Harland) 711
"Legal Provisions respecting the Examination and Licensing of Teachers 711
"Bacteria, and the Germ-Theory of Disease" (Gradle) 711
"School-Books on Physiology and Hygiene" (Chaille) 712
"The American Trotting-Horse" (Brewer) 712
"Natural Cure of Consumption, Bright's Disease, etc." (Page) 712
"The Medico-Legal Journal" 712
"Van Loan's Catskill Mountain Guide" 713
"Political Economy" (Walker) 713
"Mastery" 713
"A Visit to Ceylon" (Haeckel) 713
"The Maintenance of Health" (Fothergill) 714
"Descriptive Sociology" (Spencer) 852
"Thermal Springs of the Yellowstone National Park" (Peale) 855
"The Diseases of the Liver" (Harley) 855
"American Museum of Natural History" 855
"Saxon Tithing-Men in America" (Adams) 856
"Medical Economy during the Middle Ages" (Fort) 856
"A Dictionary of Practical Medicine" (Quain) 856
Bosworth, R. S. 409
Boundaries, The, of Astronomy 94
Boundaries, The, of Astronomy 239
Boyesen, H. H. 237
Boys, C. Vernon, Esq. 365
Brain-Health 572
Brain-Work, On, and Hand-Work 104
Brain-Work under Pressure 862
Bridge, The East River, Constructive Elements of 385
Bridge, The Great, and its Lessons 339
Buchner, Max 399
Burial, A Premature 143
Burmese Animal Life 142
Buttercup, From, to Monk's hood 65

Cahall, W. C., M.D. 86
Campbell, Cl. T. 700
Carpenter, F. D. Y. 453
Cat-Lore 573
Catskill Mountain-Tops, Vegetation of the 283
Chambers, Prehistoric Underground 570
Channing, W. F., M.D. 540
Chase, Pliny Earle 268
Cheesman, James 354
Chemistry and Pharmacy 46
Civilization, Traits of Ancient American 861
Clothing and the Atmosphere 787
Cities, Ancient, in Guatemala 428
Coal, How the Ancient Forests became 56
Cod-Mountain, A, in the Sea 715
Coins, Antique, Baron Stjerstedt's 282
Color-Blindness, Some Peculiarities of 573
Colors, Association of, with Sounds 490
Combustion, Spontaneous 716
Constitutions, Written and Unwritten 267
Consumptives, Florida as a Health Resort for 114
Cookery, The Chemistry of 214
Cookery, The Chemistry of 373
Cookery, The Chemistry of 509
Cookery, The Chemistry of 586
Cookery, The Chemistry of 818
Copernicus, Darwin and 249
Copyright in China 715
Corona, Photographing the 285
Correction, A Homoeopathic 700
Correspondence 114
Correspondence 267
Correspondence 408
Correspondence 552
Correspondence 698
Correspondence 845
Criticism, A 698
Cyclones and Tornadoes 748

Darwin and Copernicus 249
"Data of Ethics," the, A German View of 195
Dawson, Dr. J. W. 827
De Chaumont, Professor, M.D., F.R.S. 658
Deep-Sea, A Wonder from the 75
Deformities due to School-Life 572
De Parville, Henri 490
De Saporta, M. G. 56
De Saporta, M. G. 673
De Saporta, M. G. 753
Descent, Perrier on the Theory of 524
Disease, The Germ-Theory of 577
Dix, Dr., on the Woman Question 120
Dix, Dr., The Back-down of 409
Dog, a Superstitious 63
Drunkards? our, What shall we do with 140
Du Bois-Reymond, E. 249
Duncan, John, the Weaver-Botanist 717
Dyer, T. F. Thiselton 251
Dyspepsia 141

Earth, How the, was Peopled 673
Earth, How the, was Peopled 753
Earth-Tremors 430
Eclipse, The Solar, of May, 1883 140
Editor's Table 116
Editor's Table 268
Editor's Table 409
Editor's Table 554
Editor's Table 701
Editor's Table 849
Education, Technical 475
Electric and Gas Lights, Hygienic Qualities of 860
Elephant, The, Mental Capacity of 497
Elephants, Intelligence shown by 848
English, Teaching 553
Espinas, M. A. 524
Evolution 237
Examinations, Cram 285

Faculæ and Sun-Spots 642
Fangs, False, in Harmless Snakes 431
Farr, Dr. William, Sketch of 404
Fernald, F. A. 39
Fernald, F. A. 385
Fire-proof Building Construction 613
Fisheries of New York 427
Fishes, Musical 571
Florida as a Health Resort for Consumptives 114
Flowers, The Colors of 837
Food, Ways of Preserving 623
Foot-Prints, the Nevada, Dr. Harkness on 859
Forests, North American, The Geological Distribution of 517
Frauenstein, Georg M. 682
Funerals, Chiriqui 716
Funerals, Scotch, in the Olden Time 141
Funeral-Wreaths, Egyptian, restored 284
Furnace, A Smoke-consuming 717
Furnace-heating and Ventilation, Hints on 861

Geology, Some Unsolved Problems in 827
Germ-Theory, The, of Disease 577
Gest, J. Henry 527
Götz, Johannes 88
Gradle, Professor H., M.D. 577
Grain-growing, Selection in 354
Greek and Latin against Nature and Science 116
Guatemala, Ancient Cities in 428
Gymnastics 77

Halsted, Byron D., Sc. D. 741
Harkness, Dr., on the Nevada Foot-Prints 859
Herbert Spencer and the French Academy 554
Hewitt, Abram S. 339
Highway, the Suspended, Opening Day of 411
History, Unwritten 317
Holmes, Dr., The Banquet to 272
Homœopathy and Quackery 847
Homoeopathy as a Science 732
Hornaday, William T. 497
Howell, Thomas J. 517
How much Animals know 39
Huxley, Professor T. H. 317
Hygienic Science, The Growth of 658

Iles, George 289
Indians, Brazilian, Capacity of 716
Insanity 627
Insanity, The Prevention of 139
Instinct, Developing a New 552
Instincts, Some Newly Remarked 719
Insurance Management, Improvements in 143
Investigations, Thermo-Chemical, The Aim of 770

Jacobi, Abraham, M.D. 773
Jostrow, Joseph 849

King, A. F. A., M.D. 644
Krätzer, Dr. Hermann 623

Lamb, R., C. E. 54
Lente, Frederick D., M.D. 114
Le Sueur, W. D., B.A. 444
Letter, An Intercepted 115
Life, Cost of 202
Life, Cost of 409
Life, Microscopic, in the Air 28
Lightning-Rods 429
Literary Notices 123
Literary Notices 273
Literary Notices 416
Literary Notices 559
Literary Notices 709
Literary Notices 852
Liver-Fluke, The, of Sheep 741
Locusts as Food for Man 531
Logan, Sir William, LL.D., F.G.S., Sketch of 691
Lovett, Robert W. 362
Lunt, Horace 669
Lyle, David A., U.S.A. 531

McBride, Professor T. H. 468
McBride, Professor T. H. 634
McBride, R. W. 701
McFarland, R. W. 409
McGloin, Frank 553
Magnetic Storms and Sun-Spots, Recent 163
Malaria, Mosquitoes and 644
Man, Fossil, in America 137
Map-making, Primitive 682
Marriage and Divorce Laws, Our 224
Marriage and Divorce Laws, Our 663
Marriage and Divorce Laws, Our 701
Matter, Living and Not-Living 721
Measures, English and Metric 431
Medical Quacks and Quackeries 145
Mello, Rev. J. Magens, F.G.S. 180
Mendenhall, Professor T. C. 20
Merrick, E. T. 663
Meters for Power and Electricity 365
Microscopy as a Science 575
Monk's-hood, From Buttercup to 65
Moraine, The Glacial, in Pennsylvania 425
Mortality in London and New York, Curves of 717
Mosquitoes and Malaria 644
Mythology, Our Indian 527

Nationalities in New York City 569
Natural History, The New York State Museum of 139
Nature, The Remedies of 1
Nature, The Remedies of 187
Nature, The Remedies of 303
Nature, The Remedies of 477
Nature, The Remedies of 604
Nature, The Remedies of 760
New England Population, Changes in 433
Newton, Heber, and the Heresy-Hunters 271
New York City, Nationalities in 569
Niagara Falls as a State Park 140
Notes 144
Notes 287
Notes 431
Notes 575
Notes 720
Notes 863
Nursing, Modern, The Historical Development of 773

Olivier, Louis 28
One who has been Insane 627
Oswald, Felix L., M.D. 1
Oswald, Felix L., M.D. 187
Oswald, Felix L., M.D. 303
Oswald, Felix L., M.D. 477
Oswald, Felix L., M.D. 604
Oswald, Felix L., M.D. 699
Oswald, Felix L., M.D. 760
Owen, Professor Richard, F.R.S., Sketch of 109

Patterson, J. S. 552
Perrier on the Theory of Descent 524
Perry, Professor Thomas Sergeant 13
Pettenkofer, Max von, Sketch of 841
Pharmacy, Chemistry and 46
Physics in General Education 20
Plant-Growth, Long Days and 862
Plants, Insectivorous 382
Pluto, The Case of the Dog 553
Politics, Modern, The Anarchy of 444
Popular Miscellany 137
Popular Miscellany 281
Popular Miscellany 425
Popular Miscellany 569
Popular Miscellany 715
Popular Miscellany 858
Population, New England, Changes in 433
Portrait, The First Daguerrean 138
Pratt, John 202
Prehistoric Underground Chambers 570
Progress and the Home 412
Psychology, African 399
Publications Received 136
Publications Received 280
Publications Received 424
Publications Received 568
Publications Received 714
Publications Received 858
Putnam, Joseph Duncan 425

Quartz, its Varieties and Formation 180
Quackery, Concerning 850

Radau, M. R. 787
Radiation, On 456
Railroad Problem, The, in the United States 289
Rank and Title 453
Reclamation 268
Reis, Philipp, Sketch of 540
Remedies, The, of Nature 1
Remedies, The, of Nature 187
Remedies, The, of Nature 303
Remedies, The, of Nature 477
Remedies, The, of Nature 604
Remedies, The, of Nature 760
Remsen, Professor Ira 46
Reply, Dr. Oswald's 699
Rest, The Right to 285
Revenge, Animal 283
Rhine, Alice Hyneman 408
Ricker, C. J., M.D. 846
Right-Handed? Why are we 86
Ringueberg, Eugene N. S. 63
R. M. N. 104
Room enough in the World yet 286

Savages, Fertilizers and 863
Sayings, The, of Science 798
Scholarships, The Tyndall 412
School-Life, Deformities due to 572
Schools and Infectious Diseases 429
School-Sessions, Too Long 429
Science and Conscience 13
Science and Faith 281
Science, Literature, and Theology 268
Science. Meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science at Minneapolis 849
Science-Teaching, On, in the Public Schools 207
Scruples, Religious, Satisfying 718
Sea-Sickness, The Cause of 362
Sea-Wall, A Natural 536
Sea-Waves, The Formation of 492
Sedgwick, W. T., Ph.D. 811
Serviss, Garrett P. 163
Sewage at the Sea-Side 408
Sheep, The Liver-Fluke of 741
Shepherd, Dr. F. J. 145
Shipman, Paul R. 721
Silliman, Professor Benjamin, LL.D., Sketch of 259
Simmonds, P. L. 798
Smell, Insect Organs of 284
Smith, George Clinton 748
Smith, Henry A. 642
Smith, P. C. 552
Solar Rays, Machines driven by 337
Sorel, Émile 492
Sounds, Association of Colors with 490
Sounds, Association of Colors with 848
Spectrum, the Visible, Lengthening 88
Spencer, Herbert, and the French Academy 554
Spring, M. W. 68
Stammering, Treatment of 138
Starch, The Granule of 687
Stewart, Gordon A 224
Stout, H. R., M.D. 848
Street, Charles R. 267
Superstition, The Dead-Language 701
Swimming, Position and Stroke in 54
Symbiosis and "Vegetating Animals" 811

Teaching English 553
Telephone, The, with a Sketch of its Inventor, Philipp Reis 540
Tin-Ware, Action of Acids on 571
Thermo-Chemical Investigations, The Aim of 770
Thomsen, Julius 770
Tissandier, G. 337
Tobacco Smoke, The Poisons in 427
Tornadoes, Cyclones and 748
Tornado, How to act in a 281
Tracks, Human, More Supposed Pre-Glacial 846
Transfusionist, Troubles of a 863
Trees, The Age of 552
Tyndall, Professor John, F.R.S. 456

Vaillant, M. L. 75
Vapor, Influence of, on Radiation 287
Vital Phenomena, Two, Explained 575
Vivisection in the State of New York 169
Vogel, August 837

Ward, W. E. 613
Water, Aeration of Peaty 860
Water, Getting, in the Desert 426
Water, On the Colors of 68
Weddings, Bedouin 574
Whistling 251
Wilder, B. G., M.D. 169
Williams, W. Mattieu 214
Williams, W. Mattieu 373
Williams, W. Mattieu 509
Williams, W. Mattieu 586
Williams, W. Mattieu 818
Wohler and "Vital Energy" 553
Woman Question, Dr. Dix on the 120
Women, The Industrial Position of 388
Worcester, Alfred, A. M. 77