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Popular Science Monthly/Volume 3/May 1873

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Table of Contents

May 1873

Wave-Action in Nature 1
Instinct in Insects I 12
The Doctrine of Natural Selection 22
The Black Death in New England 28
The New Psychology 32
Ocean-Cables 38
The Study of Sociology X 45
The Borers of the Sea 60
On the Causes Which Operate to Create Scientific Men 65
The Sherman Astronomical Expedition 72
The Battle of Life Among Plants 75
The Hippopotamus and her Baby 85
Euthanasia 90
Freezing of Plants and Animals 96
Professor Tyndall's Deed of Trust 100
Sketch of Sir G. B. Airy 101
Correspondence 105
Editor's Table 113
Literary Notices 120
Miscellany 123
Notes 128