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Title Author Year Journal Progress
Mars, by the Latest Observations Camille Flammarion 1873 Popular Science Monthly Done
Mars and its Satellites Daniel Kirkwood 1877 Popular Science Monthly Done
Mars and his Moons John Le Conte 1879 Popular Science Monthly Done
Surface Characters of the Planet Mars 1883 Popular Science Monthly Done
The Strange Markings on Mars Garrett Putnam Serviss 1889 Popular Science Monthly To be validated
Mars Percival Lowell 1896 Done
In a World Half as Large Joseph Rémi Léopold Delboeuf 1898 Popular Science Monthly Done
Is Mars habitable? Alfred Russel Wallace 1907 Done
Mars 1911 Encyclopædia Britannica
Martians Build Two Immense Canals in Two Years Mary Proctor 1911 The New York Times
NASA's Phoenix to Seek Organics in Mars' Ice to Unravel Red Planet's Mysteries Guy Webster 2007

Mars Exploration Rover[edit]