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Book Dash is a South African volunteer-based project that aims to create free children's books. All participants sign a simple agreement to open-license everything produced on the day (the books and all their component parts) with a Creative Commons Attribution licence.
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Book Dash Cape Town, 2014-05-10[edit]

Book Dash Cape Town, 2014-06-28[edit]

Book Dash Cape Town, 2014-08-30[edit]

Book Dash Johannesburg, 2015-07-27[edit]

Book Dash Durban, 2015-11-07[edit]

Book Dash Cape Town, 2016-03-05[edit]

Book Dash Grahamstown, 2016-11-12[edit]

Book Dash Cape Town, 2016-11-19[edit]

Book Dash Jozi, 2017-02-25[edit]