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Bibliography and Library Science

This is the top-level portal for Class Z: Bibliography and Library Science.

Note that these subclasses diverge from the Library of Congress Classification more than other Wikisource portals; see Wikisource:Portal classification system adaptation for more information

Subclass ZA: Information resources

Information icon

Information resources covers information services, databases, and the internet, as well as specific formats and media.

Child portals: Audio recordingsFilm (Star Film CompanyUniversal NewsreelVan Beuren Studios)

Subclass ZB: Books

Icon of a bookshelf with one book partially extracted

Books covers the subject of books in general, including the history of books.

Subclass ZC: Writing

Icon of writing with a pen

Writing covers the how (from calligraphy and penmanship to type-writers and word-processors) and what (including shorthand and cryptography) of writing.

Subclass ZD: Paleography

Icon a scroll being written with a quill

Paleography is the study of ancient writings.

Subclass ZF: Libraries

Icon of a bookshelf

Libraries covers library and information science, their collections, buildings and administration.

Subclass ZG: Bibliography

Icon of a person reading a book

Bibliography covers lists of books and related theory and philosophy.

Child portals: Anonymous textsBanned books

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