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Comic books and comic strips
Texts and media relating to comics, comic books and comic strips.
A Golden Age comic book cover showing, in the foreground, a woman in a giraffe-print bikini swinging on a vine and kicking a gorilla. In the background, a man is tied to a post, surrounded by more gorillas.
Rulah, March 1949


Legal judgements[edit]

  • Gaiman v. McFarlane, 2004 by the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit. Neil Gaiman & Marvels and Miracles, LLC, v. Todd McFarlane, for copyright infringement and breach of contract.

Comic books[edit]

Comic strips[edit]

Stick figure and line-art drawing of a United States politician addressing a crowd. One of the crowd is holding up a sign with the Wikipedia phrase "[Citation Needed]". The original strip displayed with the tooltip "SEMI-PROTECT THE CONSTITUTION".
XKCD: Wikipedian Protestor

Comic strip artists[edit]