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Investiture of the Gods
Combat Between Two Fairies
Xu Zhonglin or Lu Xixing

This chapter is titled "Combat Between Two Fairies". As Nezha toppled about the dragon king and began beating him violently with his fist, the latter became even more infuriated. Determined to force Ao Guang to give up and return with him to the Chentang Pass, Nezha tore apart each individual scale upon his sides—effectively forcing the king to give in to such detriment. After Ao Guang had been ordered to take the form of a small lizard less he attempted to escape, Nezha returned immediately to Chentang Pass in mere moments. Upon his return before Li Jing, Ao Guang resumed his original form, stamped his foot in unparalleled rage, and vowed to gather the dragon kings of each of the four seas in his next attempt to see the Jade Emperor. With Li Jing in a state of rejuvinated frustration, Nezha effectively calmed his father down by stating that he was decreed existence upon the Red Dust by the Jade Emptiness Palace; and if any trouble were to be presented before the Jade Emperor in the future, his master, Fairy Primordial, would take care of the situation with precise accuracy. As Nezha thus calmly walked off to his parent's garden after placing confidence in his father, he soon became rather bored and decided to climb the neighboring pass's watchtower to enjoy the afternoon breeze. After gazing forth at the great view before him, Nezha picked up a bow equipped with a set of three arrows that sat at the edge of this large tower. Deciding to better his archery technique, he shot one of three arrows—which glistened with brilliant crimson—into the southwest. Little did Nezha truly realize that this bow was wielded by none other than Emperor Xuanyuan within the past—for only one of immortal ability could have the strength to wield it. With even greater misfortunate, this arrow happened to pierce the throat of Blue Cloud Lad of White Bone Cave on Skeleton Mountain.

As such an incident was immediately informed to Lady Rock, the mistress of the cave, the latter vowed to attain revenge against the conjectured criminal of such an incident: Li Jing. Following Lady Rock's immediate arrival before Chentang Pass, she wrapped up Li Jing with her yellow-scarved genie without a moment of hesitation. After thus returning to her mountain with the latter, Li Jing told Lady Rock that he would immediately find out who the true murderer was upon his inspection of the sacred arrow. As Li Jing called for Nezha and shortly realized that he was indeed the criminal behind this new incident, the former led Nezha to Skeleton Mountain atop a dust cloud. Once Pretty Cloud Lad, the secondary disciple under Lady Rock, approached Nezha to call him in to the cavern, Nezha determined this to be the perfect chance to knock the former out cold due to the calamity that shall befall him in very short time anyways. Seeing her disciple near death on the ground, Lady Rock began to lash her sword at the latter in even greater rage. Unfortunately for Nezha, his legendary items were absorbed into the former's sleeves with ease when he attempted to unleash them—and he thus had no choice but to flee immediately to his master at Qianyuan Mountain. Hiding in the peach garden immediately upon his arrival, Fairy Primordial left his domain to confront Lady Rock as she pursued the former. After yelling profusely at Fairy Primordial in her desire to confront Nezha, the latter retorted by saying that Nezha is destined to perform such calamities—and such an incident is only minor and of no real significance compared to his true future performance. Realizing that his words were unfultured, and her only method to get past his resolve would be to approach his master at the Jade Emptiness Palace, the former decided to duel Fairy Primordial to prove her her skill as being greater. Even with her magical item--the Dragon Beard Handekerchief—she proved inferior as the latter evaded and negated her every blow like the flow of water. Thus trapping her easily inside his great Nine Dragon Divine Fire Coverlet, Fairy Primordial glanced down at Nezha--who peered outside the cave—to head immediately to his family's residence due to the Jade Emperor's consentention of Ao Guang's request. Thus telling Nezha what he should do during his arrival, Fairy Primordial clapped his hands to put the irrational Lady Rock to her rest in a pit of flames. Approaching the four dragon kings, who arrived shortly at his house, Nezha began to break his bones, gouge out his intestines, and slit his belly as a representation of the punishment that he deserves—and the innocence that is deserving of his parents. Seeing Nezha dead in a large pool of blood, Ao Guang and the other dragon kings consented to his sacrifice—and declared his parent's as innocent and free of any form of punishment.

Categorized Events[edit]

  • The brutal beating of Ao Guang
  • Nezha's return with Ao Guang to Old Pond Pass
  • Climbing of the watchtower; wielding of the heavenly bow
  • Madam Rockie's great anger – dead disciple
  • Li Jing and Nezha's arrival at Skeleton Mountain
  • Golden Bracelet / Scarf – failed; Nezha flees
  • Paragon VS Madam Rockie; Madam Rockie’s death
  • Paragon's set plan; Nezha's return to Old Pond Pass
  • Nezha sacrifices his own body – the saving of his parents