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Investiture of the Gods
Reincarnation with Lotus Flowers
Xu Zhonglin or Lu Xixing

This chapter is titled "Reincarnation with Lotus Flowers". As the soul of Nezha appeared before Fairy Primordial recently after the former's death, the latter told Nezha to approach his mother in a dream and tell her to construct a temple on Jade Screen Mountain that is to be worshiped with incense and candles for over three years of time; following the three years, Nezha will be able to reincarnate into his original human form once again. Thus continuously pleading to his mother for the construction of his temple so that he could rest in peace, she finally ordered her attendants to do as such—resulting in the temple's completion following the passage of ten months. As Li Jing was naturally not informed of such a construction less he attempted to tare it down in the future, many people soon gathered to worship before the beautifully articulated temple due to the seemingly good forture that resulted in such worship. Descending one day from the Wild Horse Mountain after thoroughly drilling his troops, Li Jing noticed many individuals gathering around a neighboring temple that was supposedly dedicated to "God Nezha". Burning the temple down shortly and calming the people with the truth, Li Jing returned immediately to see his wife and reprimand her for such one-sided thinking. As Nezha heard what happened through his temple secretaries, he headed to see his master at Qianyuan Mountain to explain the current situation. Realizing that Nezha is to be reincarnated as soon as possible without a single moment of delay, Fairy Primordial ordered his attendant, Golden Haze Lad, to retrieve two lotus flowers and three lotus leaves from the lotus pond immediately. Performing a special process with his lotus leaves and flowers shortly after being received, Nezha suddenly lept forth in a new human body without the slightest defect following a puff of smoke. Bowing in unparalleled gratitude before his master, Nezha was trained immediately with the Fire-Tip Lance combined with his new Wind-Fire Wheels, and ended up mastering such an art in very short time.

Before leaving Qianyuan to attain revenge against Li Jing, Fairy Primordial handed the former his original legendary items—after being retrieved off of Lady Rock's corpse—along with a golden brick that could change its mass at the user's will. Riding upon his flaming wheels with quick pace, and arriving before Li Jing's residence shortly, several guards reported the former's arrival—and Li Jing had little choice but to see if what they said was really true. Appearing before Nezha in great shock due to his miraculous return, Li Jing slashed his lance upon the former—but only ended up fleeing to the southeast after experiencing the celestial renown that Nezha now possessed. Pursueing the latter with great ease with his Wind-Fire Wheels, Li Jing knew that his life was to end shortly and thus fled for his life at the fastest speed he could muster. As Li Jing happened to fortunately run into his second son, Muzha, along the way, he immediately explained the situation with quick words while hiding behind the former. Appearing before Muzha, Nezha soon learned that the person standing before him was his second brother—and he thus told the latter his reason for such an action. Without any hesitation for sympathy on Nezha's part due to unfilialness, Muzha lashed his sword forth at the former—but only ended up being knocked in the stomach by Nezha's golden brick after leaving an opening. Falling to the ground in moderate unconsciousness after receiving such a heavly blow, Nezha seized this chance to pursue Li Jing further in his amusement. Resolved that he would only end up with further calamity if such shamefulness continued, Li Jing prostrated himself on the ground in preparation for his ritual suicide. Just before such could be performed, Master of Outstanding Culture suddenly appeared to stop the former with immediate pace.

With a large revolving lotus within his palm, the Taoist immediately ordered Li Jing to hide in his neighboring cavern while he personally confronts the pursuer. As Nezha thus arrived before Master of Outstanding Culture, and realized that the former was hiding Li Jing in his cave, Nezha boasted that he would slash him to pieces with his lance if he were to continue to shelter his father without understanding the true situation at hand. After telling Master of Outstanding Culure his name, and the respective master that he has trained under, Nezha began to lunge forward at the Taoist master knowing it probably wasn't the best choice. Immediately parrying Nezha's lance with the lotus flower within his palm, Master of Outstand Culture unleashed forth his renowned Dragon Bound Stake -- effectively placing the former's mind into great confusion and thus resulting in easy capture. As Nezha shortly realized that he was completely bound to a golden stake with rings around his arms and legs, Master of Outstanding Culture ordered his disciple, Jinzha, to beat him with his cane as punishment. After they both returned to their cave after giving Nezha a long and severe beating, Fairy Primordial arrived from the skies to meet with Master of Outstanding Culture. Walking into the Taoist's cave while ignoring Nezha's pleas completely, the former declared to Outstanding Culture that he sent him here for the sole purpose of temperment. With Nezha thus being set free shortly, he kneeled with dignity before his master within the cavern. As Li Jing was reprimanded for the cruelty of burning down Nezha's sacrificial temple, he was soon dismissed but ordered to show no further animosity towards Nezha from this point on—and vice-versa. With Nezha thus being ordered to keep watch of the cave entrance while the two superiormen played a round of chess, the former could not contain himself and left to pursue Li Jing immediately atop his flaming wheels. Believing to be fooled completely by the previous immortal due to Nezha's refreshed pursuit, Li Jing fortunately caught site of a man sitting on the side of a pine tree—and thus called to the latter for assistance.

Running up to the man and hiding behind him, Nezha arrived shortly and explained the situation to this man, determined to vent his hatred. Giving in to Nezha's furiosity, the man spat on Li Jing and then clapped his hand to the former's back. As Li Jing was ordered by this man to fight back Nezha with little other choice, Nezha soon realized that his father's strength was far greater than originally—and thus the man standing at the pine tree must be none other than a Taoist who is a master at the enhancement arts. Realizing that if he effectively destroyed the Taoist, his father's strength would not be surpassing his own, Nezha lunged forward and slashed his lance into the latter's forehead. As a lotus flower appeared before the his face to negate Nezha's blow, the Taoist angrily unleashed forth his great golden pagoda from the skies to trap the former within as punishment. Clapping his hands to additionally signal a great fire to rage within the pagoda, Nezha had no choice but to beg for mercy and declare his acknowledgement to his father -- thus seizing the chance of being set free. Realizing that he possessed not a single burn from the Taoist's great fire, Nezha deduced the former's ability to be none other than genjutsu. Threatening to burn Nezha further in his pagoda if he did not kowtow to his father with needed respect, the former had no choice but to do so in a rageful state. As the Taoist thus declared to Li Jing that he will teach him the burning pagoda art as a resistance against Nezha's potential future assaults, Nezha would be dismissed first—and thus quickly rode back to Qianyuan Mountain in disappointment over his sullied vengeance. Now declaring his name to be Burning Lamp of Mount Divine Hawk, the former told Li Jing to forget about fame and riches under the Shang Dynasty and to live as a hermit in the neighboring mountain valleys until the preordained assault upon the dynasty comes his way; at that time he should assist King Wu in the campaign.

Categorized Events[edit]

  • Nezha's spirit form meeting with Paragon
  • Nezha's dream harassment
  • Temple built atop Green Screen Hill
  • Li Jing burns down temple
  • Nezha's intense hatred; meeting with Paragon
  • Newly accquired gear: Fire-tip-spear and fire-wheels
  • Li Jing's suicidal attempt - nearly killed by Nezha
  • Nezha VS Muzha
  • Broad Altruist's appearance; trapped within fire pagoda
  • Nezha's lashing and appearance before Altruist's superiority
  • Li Jing's second attempted suicide; Lamp Lighter's rescue
  • Nezha freed - growing harmony